About the Globalworth Foundation in Romania and Poland

The Globalworth Foundation was established in 2018 and is responsible for overseeing the various CSR initiatives of Globalworth.

The Globalworth Foundation is wholly owned by the Group, is a non-profit entity and operates independently of the commercial activities of Globalworth.

The Foundation invests in the communities in which Globalworth operates, focusing on the development of projects which deliver public benefit. These projects are approved by the Foundation’s Trustees and receive funding from the Globalworth group.

The Foundation supports projects financed and implemented with other significant NGOs, based our three strategic pillars: People, Places, and Technology.


The Globalworth Foundation starts from the premise that the future of any society lies in the hands of its young people.

We support projects which focus on the care of people, and which can be supported through educational programs. We also assist projects that can improve access to high-quality medical services for all, and initiatives that aim to build places where people meet, interact, and provide disabled people with better access to the activities of a mainstream life.

Additionally, the Globalworth Foundation believes in the positive impact of projects which integrate technology, such as incubators dedicated to young people, and provides financial support to innovation which can lead to bringing people together and create communities.


We partner with non-governmental organisations in Poland and Romania that have demonstrated a long-term commitment and who share our Mission. We fund projects that are in line with our mission and that accord with Globalworth’s three strategic pillars: People, Places, and Technology.

We are looking for projects which address a critical issue in one or more of the following areas: access to education and health, initiatives that aim to build places and develop urban communities, projects in which technology has a positive social impact.

Applicants should have developed partnerships with key stakeholders and other relevant organisations and have established strong links with local communities, public authorities, or other organisations.

We believe in sustainability and work with partners that can contribute their own resources to the project and have a viable financial plan.

How we partner

The two Globalworth Foundations (one in Romania and one in Poland) identify suitable projects which accord with our Mission. We look for projects that aim to provide a positive and sustainable impact on disadvantaged communities. Local projects and initiatives are carried out in collaboration with appropriate NGOs.

We are open to receiving project proposals in line with our Mission.

Projects are approved quarterly by the Foundation`s Trustees in Romania and Poland.

Applicants whose projects are approved sign a Sponsorship Agreement.

Public Information

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