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Green for Life

Partner: Pomiechówek Forestry
Budget: 28,000 Euro

Globalworth places great importance on business ethics, sustainable development and respecting the environment. We believe that addressing the climate change problem is an important goal to create a more sustainable world and building a better future for our communities.

The aim of the project is to deepen ecological reflection in the context of the global threat to our planet and awareness of the local impact on the quality of the environment. Afforestation contributes to sustainable local development, helps protect the environment and biodiversity.

As part of the Globalworth Foundation’s pro-environmental activities, over 100 Globalworth employees joined forces and planted 5, 000 pedunculate oak seedlings in the Pomiechówek forestry near Warsaw in Poland. The project has been carried out as part of the one-day off policy for the volunteering time that gives the Globalworth employees the flexibility to volunteer during the workday and still gets paid.

This allows employees to give back to the local community — without having to give up a full day’s wages.