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Palliative care visit project

Partner: Hospice Casa Speranței Foundation
Budget: EUR 500,000

Since 2007, the Globalworth Foundation has been allocating 500,000 euro to palliative care services in Hospice centres from Brasov and Bucharest.

Moreover, the Globalworth Foundation has contributed to the construction of the new Hospice centre in Bucharest. The Globalworth Foundation has provided medical aid and specialize homecare.

The services are addressed to the adults suffering from oncological diagnostics and children with severe conditions: congenital malformations, neuro-muscular dystrophies, etc.

That is why, for thirteen years we have supported Hospice Casa Speranței in the effort to offer proper care and ease suffering for children and adults suffering from life-threatening or incurable diseases.

In figures, the projects meant: 9,845 home visits and  1,200 patients and their families received support through the project: admittance in bed wards, homecare, participation in day care centre activities, support groups and activities designed to provide precious moments of normality, as well as recreational opportunities for sick children and their families.