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The Globalworth Foundation enhances the health of children with preventative ultrasound screenings program of children

Partner: Ronald McDonald Foundation
Budget: EUR 32,000

Globalworth Foundation together with the Ronald McDonald Foundation examined a total of 900 children during a 12-day preventative ultrasound screenings program of children. The examinations were painless, safe and free of charge.

The examinations enable the early identification of childhood malignancies and developmental abnormalities. Early detection of a cancerous lesion is essential for early diagnosis and effective treatment and increases the chance of recovery.

Examinations were carried out in 3 Globalworth communities: Warsaw, Wrocław and Kraków. In each of these cities, radiologists aboard the Ambulance – a unique mobile medical station equipped with modern ultrasound equipment – examined children aged 9 months to 6 years.

After the completion of the examination parents receive the result and in cases when needed medical advice.

In Poland, around 1,200-1,300 new cases of cancer in children are diagnosed annually. When a child falls ill, adults are very often scared and helpless. Questions arise as to what could have been done to prevent the disease. A child’s cancer detected at an early stage is curable in most cases. This is why commonly done diagnostics and prevention is one of the basic ways to effectively fight cancer.

 “The formula of the program means focusing on abdominal ultrasound examinations, for cancerous lesions and congenital defects of the kidneys and urinary tract. Early diagnosis allows rapid implementation of appropriate conservative and/or surgical treatment. This prevents the development of chronic or even end-stage renal failure, requiring dialysis or kidney transplantation. Over 4 million adults in Poland suffer from chronic kidney disease, but it is diagnosed in only 5% of them. We are glad that thanks to this project we can reach more children with prevention”, says prof. Adam Jelonek, Honorary Chairman of the Board of the Ronald McDonald Foundation.

“Now, more than ever, each of us should be responsible and take care of ourselves and those around us. Awareness and education of the society about the importance of prevention help us detect cancer in its early stages. We will always support projects like this one by the Ronald McDonald Foundation, precisely because they bring us closer to our mission of caring for people in our community” says Judyta Sawicka, Board Member of the Globalworth Foundation.”