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Mia`s Children – Together we succeed

Partner: Mia’s Children Association
Budget: EUR 15,000

Starting from the socio-economic reality that threatens disorganized families, like socially disadvantaged families, single-parent families, we notice a rise in the number of children and young people that are abused, abandoned, trafficked, and who end up leaving school, leaving their family and becoming victims of antisocial acts.

By means of this project we are daily offering tutoring, care and counseling in carrying out educational, instructive, artistic, sportive, creative and socializing activities to a number of 45 children and young people from disadvantaged social backgrounds, in a situation of major social risk.

Each child and young person benefits from equal rights, measures established based on the specifics of their needs. All children people benefit from 3 meals a day, 2 snacks, homework assistance, transportation to and from school, school supplies, counseling, creative workshops.

The project aims to improve the lives of socially disadvantaged children and young people at social risk; preventing school and family dropout, preparing for future life and work as educated citizens, able to carry out activities that will lead to self-support and own family support; preventing socio-human degradation and the development of anti-social acts; valuing the individual potential, stimulating the development of the intellectual, socio-human potentials of individual and social qualities to the maximum; the integration in society at European standards.