Globalworth is the leading real estate company in Central and Eastern Europe with a focus on Poland and Romania, CEE’s two largest property markets. We acquire, develop, and manage commercial real estate assets, primarily in the office sector, aiming to be the landlord of choice for the growing variety of multinational corporations in the region.

Our real estate portfolio has a combined value of €3.0 billion and is managed by an internal team of over 269 professionals mainly located in Poland and Romania.

We own 49 standing Class A office buildings, in prime locations within their respective sub-markets. Our portfolio also includes a number of landmark and strategic investments mainly in mixed-use (office/commercial) as well as some logistics and light-industrial properties.

In Poland we are present in Warsaw and 5 other major regional cities, while in Romania our properties are located in Bucharest and 7 other regional hubs.

The leading position in the office market is strengthened by a diverse tenant base composed of <715 corporations, c. 484 of which are located in Poland and c. 231 in Romania.


Globalworth’s origins go back to 2001 when Ioannis Papalekas (the Company’s founder) began investing in the Romanian real estate market, building up a sizable portfolio on a private basis which was subsequently sold between 2007 and 2008. He re-entered the Romanian market through Globalworth’s successful IPO on the AIM segment of the London Stock Exchange in July 2013.

A pivotal moment in our successful history was our entrance into the Polish market at the end of 2017, wherein the space of just 18 months, we attained the top position in the Polish office market, thereby becoming the largest office investor and landlord in the CEE region.

Since the IPO, we have attracted around Euro 5 billion from highly reputable real estate industry players, institutional investors and financial institutions which have funded our exponential growth to date. Our select portfolio of high-quality properties has been acquired or developed and is being managed by our dedicated teams based in Cyprus, Guernsey, Romania and Poland.

Our group has evolved through the years from a successful Romania-based office developer to a highly recognised and reputable multinational institutional office investor and asset manager.

Our strategy is based on three pillars: People, Places and Technology. We create sustainable and efficient properties in which our communities (tenants, investors and other stakeholders) are happy to work and which they are proud to be associated with.

We recognise that technology is a major disruptor for the real estate industry and we aspire to make Globalworth the most technologically advanced landlord in the CEE office market.

Over 200k people use our buildings in Poland and Romania every day, a number which is ever-increasing. We believe that by taking a holistic approach to the use of technology we can add value to our portfolio, by working with our tenants to build a strong sense of community.


In Romania, through acquisitions and developments, we have built up a high-quality portfolio of over 877.5k sqm in 35 buildings and established Globalworth as the leading real estate investor in the country. Our portfolio includes landmark and technologically advanced offices in Bucharest and industrial parks in Pitești, Timisoara, Constanta, Arad, Oradea, Tg. Mures, Craiova and Bucharest.

Investment in high-quality properties has allowed us to create the largest business community in the country, which we have named Globalworth District.


We expanded into Poland, the CEE region’s largest market, in 2017. This came about through the acquisition of a controlling stake in a Warsaw-listed office investment company (“GPRE”), which has now been fully incorporated into the group.

Since our initial investment in GPRE, our presence in Poland has increased substantially and accounts for over 50% of our portfolio by value.

In Poland, our portfolio comprises of Class A offices and three mixed-use investments. In total we own 36 standing buildings (and two under refurbishment), offering over 508.5k sqm of high-quality office and commercial space, in Warsaw and five major regional Polish cities, notably Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Łódź and Gdansk.