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The Globalworth Architecture Scholarships

Partner: The “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism
Budget: EUR 25,000 (annually)
Beneficiaries: 3,000 students, 10 teachers

Given the fact that higher education needs to be increasingly competitive, architectural education with specific vocational particularities needs to constantly reinvent its teaching methods and tools. Globalworth Foundation started the Globalworth Architecture Scholarships program for the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism to update the teaching methods, by encouraging the exchange of ideas with remarkable people in contemporary architectural education.

The project funds architecture students and young university teachers who are pursuing educational enrichment opportunities and it aims to bring the University of Architecture to a competitive European level on all domains: research, design and education.

The international exchanges that took place until now, the visits of foreign professors for the diploma sessions as well as Romanian professors’ visits to foreign universities via Erasmus partnerships (among others) have created the proper context for sending young professors to prestigious Universities in order to perfect their teaching skills as well as their achievements in the field of research.

At an academic level, this program has an immense impact through the double international visibility it offers. The presence of certain teachers in foreign universities allows “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism to be presented as an important European institution in the architecture field, as well as to identify new research partners, or for any future joint activities, in addition to the academic experience which is improved through any contact with a new system.