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“A card from the Uprising” – Virtual Reality Exhibition

Partner: Arte Et Marte Foundation
Budget: 13,240 Euro

The Globalworth Foundation brings Polish history to life by hosting “A card from the Uprising – Virtual Reality Exhibition”

 Thanks to the support of the Globalworth Foundation, Hala Koszyki in Warsaw is hosting “A card from the Uprising – Virtual Reality Exhibition”

 The exhibition is based around the film ʻA Card from the Uprisingʼ, which is Poland’s first fictionalised historical cinematic spectacle made using virtual reality (VR) technology.

The film takes us to Warsaw in August 1944, where we follow the story of one of the insurgents. Using virtual reality immersion, viewers are able to experience the significant depth and distance perception as well as ambisonic sound (360˟), which heightens the realism and the effect of participating in the events played out on the screen. The viewer follows the action, experiencing the fight for freedom together with the Warsaw insurgents.

A Card from the Uprising – Virtual Realityʼ exhibition will play an important role in educating and popularising knowledge about Warsawʼs historical heritage – especially now when many institutions are moving towards digitisation. Schools and teachers can use the exhibition to engage in a wide range of educational opportunities and experiences enhanced by the most advanced technology. Thanks to the funding provided by the Globalworth Foundation, it has been possible to make the exhibition available to visitors free of charge for a certain time and to attend this unique event.