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Young Talents

Partner: Margarita of Romania Royal Foundation
Budget: EUR 50,000

Young Talents is a program, in which 30 young people will be supported to reach their artistic potential through development scholarships, mentoring programs and opportunities for promotion at national and international level.

The young scholars are students in the middle schools, high schools and universities of music and arts from all over the country, aged between 14 and 24 years, thus supplementing their academic preparation with extracurricular activities, attending international festivals and competitions that would have otherwise weighed down on their families’ budgets, and meet personalities from the cultural world who offer them the opportunity to exhibit their work.

In 2020, the Young Talents program will support 30 young people in their artistic endeavor, by:

  • Scholarships for artistic development of up to 2,000 euros – covering costs for materials and instruments, participation in competitions, concerts, exhibitions and specialized courses (the number of scholars can reach 30 depending on the attracted funding)
  • Mentoring and Masterclasses – offers scholars the opportunity to learn and connect with established artists in their field, through monthly discussion sessions and workshops;
  • Promotion of scholars and the Young Talents program – through a plan of events organized by Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation or in collaboration with the partners and sponsors of the project.

For many talented young people, the program was an essential step in their evolution, a leap towards a performance that would have been almost impossible to achieve without this support. This is the reason why the Globalworth Foundation offers financing to the Young Talents project, in amount of 50,000 euros for 2020.