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Academic excellence and supports 10 students

Partner: IOANID International High School
Budget: EUR 329,745

Globalworth Foundation sustains the academic excellence through a partnership with IOANID International High School and grants 10 scholarships of excellence to students with remarkable results, in order to provide them with an educational experience at high standards and to prepare young generations for the challenges of the future.

The scholarships will allow the students to attend the courses of the International High School IOANID, an educational institution that will ensure the individual development of the scholars. The services include both the standard materials, the class manuals and auxiliaries, the supplies needed for the activity and the three daily meals. The high school students program includes both counseling and workshops on financial education, as well as debate classes. The Globalworth Excellence Scholarships cover a tuition program based on the Romanian-language curriculum, which is joined by an intensive English-language system amounting to seven hours a week.

Presently, the project comprises a total of 14 students, of which 10 students are supported by the Globalworth Foundation, and 4 students are supported by the IOANID International High School. The total budget granted by the Globalworth Foundation is 329,745 euros.

The Globalworth Foundation supports the development of the Romanian community, by implementing and financing projects focused on three central pillars: people, places and technology. In this regard, ever since its establishment in 2018, the Foundation has supported, a series of projects with a strong impact on the local community, signing partnerships with numerous non-governmental associations.