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The Globalworth Camp Day

Partner: Romanian NGOs and placement centers
Budget: EUR 60,000 annually

The event has become a tradition and is one of the most important corporate volunteering events dedicated to children from disadvantaged rural communities, from placement centers or day centers, who grow up in families with problems and without material possibilities. Globalworth Camp Day is a one-day outdoor event where all the Globalworth employees become volunteers. The three Globalworth Camp Day editions have offered joy for over 1,300 children. This event is in addition to the Globalworth Christmas Charity Days series of programs and events for children, organized by the Globalworth Foundation for the winter holidays.

How the children present attended the day organised by the Globalworth Foundation:

“It is very beautiful here; it is like a world only for children. I like that I can paint, dance, and make new friends”- Alexandra, 12 years old


“Today I learned to make myself a flower wreath and be a princess. And I also spoke on the radio and said that I want to come here every day”- Nicoleta, 10 years old


“I have never seen a puppet theatre. I thought they were true, and I talked to them. When I get older, I will go to the puppet theatre every day”- Alessia, 10 years old

Until now we teamed-up with 12 associations and foundations from Bucharest and from the surrounding counties:

  • “Hercules” Association,
  • „Pro Vita” Association pentru for infants and newborns,
  • „Florian Cristescu” Parents Association ,
  • „Samarineni în comunitate” Association,
  • „Aurora Baicoi” Sports Club,
  • „Ana și Copiii” Association,
  • „Providența” Foundation,
  • „Mia`s Children” Association,
  • Royal Foundation „Margareta a României”,
  • „Hospice Casa Speranței” Foundation,
  • „Procultura Surzilor” Association și
  • „Sfântul Ierarh Nifon Patriarhul Constantinopolului”Association.

Globalworth Camp Day is part of a series of charity events for Globalworth Foundation beneficiaries, alongside events such as Globalworth Christmas Charity Days.