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The Mobile Caravan for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis arrives in Valcea

Globalworth and Renaşterea Foundations launched the Mobile Caravan in September 2021 and until December 10, it will be located in Mihaeisti (Valcea, near Buleta School).

The projects, carried out during 3 months in different areas such as Ilfov, Constanta, Valcea, will help approximately 1,200 women to have free access to Pap tests for detecting gynecological diseases. Among them are also members of the business community working in Globalworth premises.

 During the caravan, all necessary measures will be taken to ensure social distance and health safety. People who want to benefit from the free Pap test, domiciled in Mihaesti Valcea or from neighboring localities, can make an appointment at the phone number 0756.713.652.

 Annually, over 1,800 women die in Romania due to cervical cancer and almost 3,400 are diagnosed with this disease. The incidence is 2.5 times higher than the EU average-27, and the mortality rate is over 4 times higher. In Romania, the mortality rate is the highest in Europe – lack of information, poor access to medical services and living standards that do not allow regular check-ups lead to late diagnosis of the disease and decreased chances of cure. However, according to studies, in over 80% of cases, a timely diagnosis can help complete healing.

Because the chances of cure depend very much on the time of diagnosis, the Globalworth Foundation offered 45,000 euros to the Renaşterea Foundation for the operation of the Mobile Caravan for diagnosing cervical cancer, by which to inform about the importance of prevention and provide access to free medical examinations.

Now more than ever it is in the power of each of us to be responsible, to take care of ourselves and those around us. Awareness and education of the population on the importance of prevention helps us to detect cancer in its early stages. In other words, it helps us to stop catastrophes, to enjoy good things, to keep functional lives on earth. We will always support such projects, such as that of the Renaşterea Foundation, precisely because they bring us closer to our mission to take care of the people in our community”, said Georgiana Iliescu, Chief Executive Officer of the Globalworth Foundation.