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The largest indoor fixed installation LED screen in Romania: NORD EVENTS CENTER by Globalworth

Globalworth, the leading office investor in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the leader of the Romanian office market, announces the largest indoor fixed installation LED screen in Romania in NORD EVENTS CENTER by Globalworth. With impressive architecture, the center was designed in the northern area of the capital to serve the business Globalworth community, being the landlord that owns an impressive portfolio of over 210 companies in Romania.

 The largest indoor fixed installation LED screen in Romania was implemented by our IT team: 100 square meters, with a resolution of 7920X2025.

  • This is also the largest LG-branded project of its kind in Europe at the time of installation.
  • The ultra-slim LED screen, with a height of 5m and a width of 20m, offers an impressive, immersive and unique viewing experience, through a pixel pitch of only 2.50 mm and a brightness of 800 cd/m2. In total, in the 3 halls of the NORD Events Center by Globalworth, fixed LED screens with an area of 136.8 square meters are installed (100 sqm ground floor screen + 2×18.4 sqm screens in the 2 Halls on the 1st floor), thus becoming the most modern and technically fully equipped events center in Bucharest.
  • Its ultra-slim design with 40.8mm edge thickness is the biggest advantage of the product. This feature enables the LSCB series to be installed in a variety of venues, as its thinness helps it to harmonize with its surroundings.
  • EMC Class B Certified & Fire-Resistant Design. The LSCB series is safe from electromagnetic waves, which are harmful to the environment and human body, with EMC Class B certification and is designed with fire protection certification to prevent the fast spread of flames even if it catches on fire.

 NORD EVENT CENTER by Globalworth includes three modern rooms and proposes the concept of Turnkey Solution, which means access to the event center equipped with state-of-the-art technology for audio, video and lighting, quick access to Pipera subway station, catering preparation premises and technical rooms for teams and artists. Through this built-in solution, a major optimization of the budget and time spent by the client is achieved, removing a vital obstacle and facilitating the focus on the other important elements of the event, such as the content and the experience of the participants.

 NORD EVENTS CENTER by Globalworth:

  • has an area of 1,850 square meters
  • is located in the Globalworth Campus, 4B and 2-4 George Constantinescu Street, 2nd district Bucharest, Romania, on the ground floor of Campus C Building 2B + GF + 14F.
  • accommodates approximately 1,200 people.

Following the high sustainability standards set by Globalworth, the conference center building is covered with a system of grass terraces (Sedum vegetation blanket). The facades have curtain walls, made with aluminium profile systems, thermal insulating windows and BOND & TRESPA composite cladding boards. The structure of the Conference Center is mixed, with reinforced concrete columns, metal arches and beams, metal and reinforced concrete slabs.

NORD EVENT CENTER by Globalworth: