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Premiere by Globalworth “Sound Codes of Romania”, a unique playlist that brings together technology and traditional Romanian elements

For the first time in Romania, an office building is hosting a cultural experience that brings together latest generation technology and traditional Romanian elements.

From 21-23 January, traditional Romanian carpets with an integrated QR code will be exhibited in the smart lobby of the Globalworth Tower building. Once scanned, the code will send visitors to a dedicated Spotify playlist, Sound Codes of Romania, where traditional Romanian sounds, emblematic of the different areas of the country, can be heard: Cobza from Moldova, Buciumul from Bucovina, Birds from the Danube Delta, Mocănița from Maramureș, Moara from Dobrogea and Toaca from Neamț. Sound Codes of Romania is a project that recreates, in a unique way, the feeling of national identity.

Globalworth has invited a special guest to complete this authentic experience. A popular craftswoman from Râmnicu Vâlcea will weave, in real time over the three days, a traditional Romanian rug. This craftsmanship will be on dispay to be admired by all those that visit the Globalworth Tower lobby in Bucharest.

Through this initiative, Globalworth aims to highlight the positive role of technology and how it can connect with cultural identity.

“This project was born from our desire to celebrate the 24th January, the Day of the Unification of the Romanian Principates, in a unique way for a new generation, the consumers of music and technology. Over 100,000 visitors cross the threshold of our buildings every day. Over half of them are millennials, the most socially active generation, that live for experiences unconditioned by time and space. With care for the concerns and well-being of those that spend their time in our buildings, we are implementing a project which, through technology, connects today’s generation with elements that define our cultural heritage”, says Georgiana Oltenescu, Head of Marketing & Communication Globalworth.

At the beginning of the last year, Globalworth launched Globalworth District, the first art & tech district in Romania, which aims to promote a young generation of Romanian artists and bring cultural events closer to the community. This initiative transforms office buildings into unconventional spaces that host and support art and technology. Throughout the year, Globalworth District hosted visual art festivals, interactive installations, technology innovations and live concerts in office buildings.

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