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Globalworth supports the DIPLOMA Show 2022 – the new generation of emerging artists in the broadest dedicated exhibition

Globalworth, the largest office investor in CEE, supports the DIPLOMA show, the festival dedicated to the new generation of Romanian artists, architects and designers. Organized by The Institute, the project proposes creative networking events and an exhibition comprising 125 artistic projects and 128 participants, between October 7 and 16, at Combinatul Fondului Plastic. The 9th edition of the festival thus becomes one of the editions with the largest number of works and artists presented to the general public so far.

DIPLOMA Show Exhibition 2022: A complete contemporary art experience in 5 exhibition pavilions

 The 125 artistic projects are evaluated and cared for by a Creative Board made up of over 40 professionals from the creative industries and, with the opening of the exhibition, these projects propose visiting a complex creative universe. The selection of this edition groups together a mix of works that provide a complete contemporary art experience for the general public.

This year, the exhibition introduces to the creative communities and to the general public 128 artists, architects and designers and the most elaborate project achieved in the years of study: the diploma thesis. We look at creations whose inspiration was drawn from personal experiences, social themes or global challenges, which the young generation explores and translates through traditional and new techniques and work methods. Each work tells a personalized story, communicates with the public in an accessible language and offers an intimate and interactive visiting experience in the circuit of the 5 exhibition spaces that are cared for this year by the team of the association “BAZA. Deschidem Orașul”.

The pavilions host works from a mix of 17 creative disciplines, including painting, photography, new media, fashion, architecture or graphic design, which this year will be found at: Senate Gallery, The Institute, IOMO Gallery, ArtSafe Gallery and ArtSafe related spaces within Combinatul Fondului Plastic (Băiculeşti, 29).

DIPLOMA Show Festival 2022: Parties, Open Doors, Workshops and activities in the courtyard of Combinatul Fondului Plastic

During the festival, there will be parties, open doors and workshops, turning Combinatul Fondului Plastic into a hotspot for socializing and spending leisure time.

  • This year’s edition will host a series of workshops, put together with the team of the Association “De-a Arhitectura”. The series of architecture workshops is supported by Globalworth and aims to contribute to the education and understanding of the built environment through analysis and observation exercises, using the projects of the architectural graduates found in the exhibition as landmarks and case studies in the process of acquiring basic knowledge of architecture and urban planning.
  • OPEN DOORS, a recurring event at Combinatul Fondului Plastic, where galleries promoting contemporary art and workshops of established artists working inside the building are open to the general public for one evening, will take place on Thursday, October 13.
  • Parties on the first and second weekend of the festival bringing together a mix of musical styles and DJ’s.
  • The courtyard will be arranged by the team of architects and urban planners from BAZA.

For the ninth time, the DIPLOMA show becomes not only the meeting place, but also the launching and promotion point of new talents, in a unique event where they can present their works to the general public and to the professionals from the artistic world in Romania.

More details about the festival will also be posted on the Facebook page of the DIPLOMA Community, here.

Participating universities:

Bucharest National University of Arts, “Ion Mincu”, University of Architecture and Urbanism, “I. L. Caragiale” National University of Theater and Film, Polytechnica University of Bucharest, University of Art and Design of Cluj, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca), “George Matei Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture (“Gheorghe Asachi” University of Iasi), “George Enescu” National University of Arts, Faculty of Arts and Design (West University of Timișoara), Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (Polytechnica University of Timisoara).

Visual identity: Radu Manelici + Sebastian Pren + Claudia Drăghia.

Exhibition design: BAZA. Deschidem Orașul.

Production of scenography exhibition pavilion: Adrian Damian

The participants whose works will be seen in the DIPLOMA show this year are:


Alexandra Andreea Ștefan, Alina Ghoerghe, Călin Gherghevici


Ada Stefana Fartais, Andrei Cîra, Daiana Togoe, Dariush-Vlad Afrasiabi, David Baciu, Dumitru-Eduard Slabu, Farkas Kinga, Flavius Busuioc, Ioana-Elena Vlas, Iuliana Mihalcea, Miruna Buza, Miruna Mihaela Marincaș, Miruna Stroe, Sebastian – Cosmin Ciulei, Silvia Marina Guguloi

 Interior architecture

Ana Ștefania Ioniță, Andreea Sandu, Anton Galina, Mihai Birtu, Mîrza Alexandra Ștefania

 Graphic art

Adria Ilonca, Adrian Buda, Bianca Papuc, Cosmina-Ionela Sandu, Ioana Cociș, Iulia Alexandru, Lucian Barbu, Mădălina Lucșoreanu, Matei Udriște, Miruna Dragne, Răzvan-Cristian Uță, Rucsandra Enache

 Mural art

Alexa Lincu, Alin George Popa, Alin Mihai, Delia Cîrstea, Elena Dinga

Textile art

AnaMaria Cozneac, Andreea Laura Pricope, Gabriela-Iuliana Leu, Sarah-Maria Olteanu, Yimiao Pan


Ana-Maria Stroie, Bianca T. Peter, Cristina Iorga, Enikő-Réka Szabó, Matei-Alexandru Siminic, Otilia Efros, Petru-Alin Grangure, Ruxandra Matei

 Graphic design

Alexandra Dumitrana, Andrei Albu, Bianca Milea, Daria Cojocar, Florin Enache, Ioana Petcu, Valentin Lazăr

 Industrial design

Alexandra Blașcu, Mădălina Elena Munteanu, Rad Paul

 Product design

Anca-Ionica Bâtica, Andrei-Constantin Dilă, Ingrid Stoica, Lucreția Laura Nicolau, Maria Izabel Preșmereanu , Mihaela Maria Neguă, Radu Tudor Medan, Sebastian-Andrei Conțu


Ana Olingheru (KASAI), Anamaria Mihaela Vișovan, Andrada Petrariu, Bogdan Gabriel Laurențiu Boruz, Carina Hărșan, Claudiu-Raul Pașcalău, Eszter Péntek, Flaviana Isachi, Florin Darius Breje, Iulia Gabriela Vlejoangă, Jessica Durco, Mara Popa, Maria Ioana, Medeea Lupșa, Raluca Mihai, Ramona Bizbac, Remus Andrei Moldovan, Roberta Miloș, T H E C A B I N, Teodora Frîncu


Alexandra Costea, Andrei Predescu, Hunor Tóth, Mihai Smeu, Nadina Stoica, Rad Abel, Tavi Angheluș, Toma Ștefănescu

 Interactive new media

Dragoș Dogioiu


Adrian Cojocaru, Ana Cristina Lupu, Ana Eudochia Pop, Andreea-Georgiana Măciuca, Cristian Florin Anghel, Daniel Semenciuc, Flavia-Maria Tritean, Maria Dumitriu, Oana Maria Henciu, Ștefan Curelici, Valeriu-Ionuț Petrache


Cosmin Stancu & Miruna Croitoru, Ioana Groza, Ionuț Răcoreanu, Sarah Cristel, Șteff Chelaru


Ambrus Apor-Nimbert, Andreea Grigoraș, Carmen Sămărtean, Dan-Petru Cojocneanu, Iuliana Grădinaru, Petre Gabriel Arhire