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Globalworth & Honeywell extend partnership in BOC

The expanded partnership marks a new era of growth and collaboration

Globalworth, the preeminent office investor in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), has proudly announced the extension and expansion of Honeywell’s lease in the BOC building in Bucharest. Honeywell, a world leader in pioneering technologies that make industries safer, smarter, and more sustainable, will now have access to over 24,000 sqm of office space, further solidifying the robust and longstanding partnership between the two companies.

More than a decade of prosperous collaboration and growth

The partnership with Honeywell has grown constantly over the last decade, starting in 2011 with an initial lease of nearly 4,000 sqm GLA. The ensuing years saw multiple lease expansions, notably in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016, with Honeywell’s footprint growing incrementally at each stage. This new lease expansion testifies to Honeywell’s trust in the potential and value of the BOC building and Bucharest’s vibrant business community.

Investing in the future together

In this exciting new chapter, Globalworth is committed to championing Honeywell’s growth and innovative aspirations. Globalworth will undertake an extensive refurbishment and modernization of the design and functionalities within Honeywell’s occupied spaces. This enhancement will further augment Honeywell’s capacity to deliver avant-garde solutions while promoting a creative and cooperative working atmosphere for their skilled team.

Ema Iftimie, Head of Leasing at Globalworth Romania, declared, “ We are thrilled to continue our successful partnership story with Honeywell and to support their growth and innovation within the BOC building. This exciting new phase was made possible through the great collaboration between our Workplaces, Property and facility management and Leasing departments. The modernization project demonstrates our commitment to providing state-of-the-art workspaces that empower businesses to thrive.

Catalin Dragoi, Head of Strategy and Business Development Central and Eastern Europe, Honeywell, added: “ We are pleased to extend our footprint at the BOC Building and, in doing so, grow our already long and successful partnership with Globalworth. The expansion comes at an exciting point in our collaboration with Globalworth, as we are deploying our innovative cloud-based data analytics platform and other systems across the company’s commercial portfolio in Romania and Poland, to help manage energy consumption and maximize occupant comfort. These important milestones reflect our companies’ mutual commitment to creating productive, comfortable and flexible environments for employees across the region and support us in our ambitious target of becoming carbon neutral in our operations and facilities by 2035.

BOC – The HUB of connectivity and convenience

The BOC building, one of Bucharest’s largest office buildings, provides easy access to a wider community of businesses. With an impressive 7,500 sqm per floor, it boasts exceptional visibility and proximity to public transport, such as subway, tram, and bus stations. Developed between 2006 and 2011, the BOC building forms part of a broader complex that houses numerous prestigious businesses, including Telekom Romania, SES Romania, Honeywell Romania, Mood Media Romania, Nestlé, Global E-Business Operations Center, Entco Software, MX1, and Airbus Defence and Space.

This vibrant hub offers its occupants easy access to significant destinations such as the nearby shopping center, Victoriei Square, and Henri Coanda International Airport, contributing to a work environment that promotes growth, convenience, and innovation.

Globalworth’s expanded partnership with Honeywell is a testament to the commitment to provide superior, modern, and sustainable workspaces. It marks a significant step forward in the two companies shared journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.