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Globalworth has taken additional measures within its office buildings in the context of Coronavirus disease

Globalworth puts the wellbeing of the people first and therefore we have taken additional measures within our office buildings to keep the spaces clean and safe for our tenants and visitors. 

Even before the first official case was announced, we have implemented a very strict cleaning routine. All surfaces with intense traffic such as front desks, staircases, lobbies, elevators, and restrooms are daily disinfected after working hours with a strong special product which destroys viruses, while being safe for people. These spaces are also cleaned every 2 hours, at most. The cleaning products are certified by the Ministry of Health. At the same time, we have placed in all the lobbies dispensers with alcohol-based disinfectant.

You can watch how the cleaning process takes place in the video below.  

We strongly believe that each and every one of us has to take measures for both their own safety and of the people around them, therefore we have used our communication channels in our buildings to disseminate informative messages.  As such, we have displayed messages of public interest about coronavirus on our screens in the lobby and in the elevators. We encourage you to read these messages and follow the recommendations, which you can also find here: 

We are carefully following the evolution of the situation and we are taking all measures in our power to keep the people in our buildings safe.