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Globalworth delivers the largest fit-out project in an existing office building carried out by its own Workplaces Romania Department

Globalworth, the largest office investor in Central and Eastern Europe, announces the delivery of the largest fit-out project in its portfolio in an already occupied office building, a project carried out by its own Workplaces Romania Department. We are talking about one of the offices of BRD – Groupe Société Générale in the City Offices building, Bucharest.

Spreading around over 9,000 square meters, the fit-out project took one year, which included administrative steps, design, construction works and discussions with the detail architects, installation designers and other partners. The top two floors of the City Offices building involved the need to rethink the space for 700 workstations, to be used by a total of 860 employees – these are agile hot desking divisions. Therefore, the entire design was conceived as flexible, adjustable areas, fit for a period when the work in the office and the work from home are still intermingled.

The BRD office has relaxation areas, kitchenettes, office spaces, coffee corners, printer areas and a skylight area, which includes the domes and the amphitheater with a capacity of 100. The geometric lighting fixtures, the sound elements, the open ceilings, the festoons, the diversified textures, the glass, the materials used, and the chromatic choices make City Offices a calm, cheerful, welcoming work environment, that gives out a comfortable and vibrant feeling. Turned from a mall (the old City Mall) into an office, the building has the great advantage that it enjoys great light fully harnessed by the new fit-out project.

“Refurbishing the BRD office was one of the most challenging projects I was involved in, together with my team, the Workplaces Department, particularly when talking about spaces that are already in use. Carried out during a sensitive period, dictated by the pandemic context, the project allowed us total freedom to (re)create a creative, colorful, bright space, to counterbalance the stress we all felt lately. Aided by its location and the domes, the fit-out created an uncluttered, relaxed, nature-inspired contemporary space, where we are glad that our partners can continue their business. We thank the BRD team for their open-mindedness, for accepting and encouraging new ideas, and we wish them a lot of success in the new design”, said Raluca Ghica, Head of Globalworth Workplaces Romania.

Some of the interest points are the three domes and the entire skylight area. The glass domes offer both intimacy and the impression of transparency, of constant communication, without boundaries. Respecting the BRD branding and chromatics, the fit-out brings a lot of audacity to the banking system. This audacity is further emphasized by the detail inspired by Constantin Brâncuși.

“The Table of Silence (Masa Tăcerii), one of the monumental Romanian sculptures, brings time to the forefront. By the circular arrangement of the 12 time-measuring hourglass chairs, we hope that the presence of this detail in the office will help our tenants pass a valuable time and get inspired by our meaningful cultural baggage”, added Raluca Ghica.

Close to the Eroii Revolutiei subway station, City Offices has been part of the portfolio of the leader of the Romanian office market since 2014. With easy access to important destinations: 15 minutes by car to the Sun Plaza Mall, 5 minutes to the Union Square subway station and 10 minutes to the Bucharest old center, the building has obtained the LEED GOLD green certification.

Earlier this year, Globalworth offered to the Bucharest authorities a 306 sq m office space, for an anti-COVID vaccination centre, on the ground floor of the City Offices building. This was the first office space offered to the Romanian authorities and it is a new step made by the company to help heal the Globalworth community and the Romanian society.