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Globalworth delivers the fit-out project for Sameday in Globalworth Square

Globalworth announces the delivery of a new major fit-out project in its portfolio of office buildings. This is the Sameday headquarters in Globalworth Square, which boasts a spectacular design created by the Workplaces Department, part of Globalworth Romania. The area of 4,259.04 square meters was designed based on the principle that guides the delivery company: to be extremely fast. The amazing speed at which parcels are delivered across the country was transposed into the interior design of the space through the theme of teleportation. This motif is also found in the company’s logo, which embodies the stylization of a bird, an element reinterpreted by the Workplaces team from the Sameday reception and continued in various origami patterns.

In the fit-out process, Globalworth worked alongside the architects from Prographic, creating together an extremely brightly colored, relaxed and eclectic space, using the design of the urban jungle as inspiration in some areas. Designed for the two floors, the project includes a total of 347 workstations, with a unique feature being several custom offices, where the hobbies of some of the Sameday team members were incorporated to give a sense of familiarity. Informal spaces combined with meeting areas, phone booths, kitchens, gaming and relaxation spaces, offices with natural light, coffee & printing points and an amphitheatre make the Sameday headquarters a place of unity in diversity. A strong point is the specially designed cafe for the company’s employees to bring a special atmosphere to the team with moments of relaxation.

Globalworth’s inclination to translate the emotions of its community artistically was in tune with that of the Globalworth Square tenant. Thus, for the Sameday space, an artist was invited to paint different spaces by hand. In addition to the artsy areas, in the fit-out, exposed concrete columns, illuminated glass walls, Nevada glass, creative prints, wallpaper or decorative elements on the ceiling were used, bringing specific elements of the tenant’s activity into the interior design (transportation maps, Easyboxes, containers, means of transportation, conveyor belt products, etc.)

Working with Sameday was fantastic. Their team is transparent and very open minded, which represented a perfect context for us to materialize creative ideas. We are proud and happy with how this fit-out turned out: a fresh, innovative, technology-oriented space, housed in the most technological building in our portfolio, Globalworth Square. We thank them for how well we worked together and for all the trust!”, says Raluca Ghica, Head of Globalworth Workplaces Romania.

Located in the middle of Globalworth District, the largest business community in Bucharest, Globalworth Square sets new standards in terms of responsibility, well-being, sustainability and low costs for occupants. The building achieved BREEAM Outstanding accreditation with a score of 99%, placing the building in 3rd place worldwide. As technology plays a central role in the office of the future, a role strongly accelerated by the pandemic, Globalworth brings the future closer through a series of novel innovations. An important part of the energy consumption is provided by the photovoltaic roof, and to increase safety, direct contact with surfaces is limited by implementing touchless solutions with an IR sensor in all sanitary facilities, and access to the building and office spaces is made through Bluetooth and NFC technologies. The building has an air disinfection system introduced in the office area, as well as in the shared spaces with UV-C lamps installed on the inlet connections of the air treatment plants. Another innovation consists of the building’s cooling system, composed of the heat pump, chillers with ecological freon R1234ze and ice storage, designed to generate low energy consumption. The implementation of the ice storage solution is unique at the moment for a Class A office building in Romania.