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Globalworth App – the innovative solution from Globalworth Poland that will revolutionise work in the office

Technological innovation is part of Globalworth’s DNA and can be seen in many of the company’s activities. Globalworth Poland, the leading owner and manager of office and mixed-use space in Poland, proudly announces the launch of the Globalworth App, an innovative tool for the comprehensive management of office space. With its numerous features, the solution offers our tenants and their workers a fully-thought-through and groundbreaking tool.

The Globalworth App is an innovative solution intended to do more than just grant access to a building and organise office work. The app stands out by creating a community, by offering functionality to improve comfort and safety for building users and finally by being fully integrated with the systems of a modern building. With it, a user also has access in one place to data that is crucial to sustainable development. By revealing the hidden aspects of a tenant’s carbon footprint, it may encourage them to draw up influential ESG reports and take informed decisions for a greener future.


Our solution is a unique and multifunctional app for office buildings, with which a user has convenient, quick and easy access to the available facilities. For us, as an owner and manager, the app can help us optimise all of our activities to manage the space and communities in our buildings. The Globalworth App is a comprehensive solution that already provides functionality such as access control and reservations for parking spaces as well as office and conference rooms and soon it will offer even more – all via simply clicking on a single telephone app.  “This is a win-win solution that for tenants and their workers is easy and saves time and for us grants access to important data that allows us to cut the operational costs born by the tenant and to undertake new innovative activities that benefit us all and have a positive impact on the natural environment,” says Artur Apostoł, the Managing Director for Real Estate Operations Poland at Globalworth Poland.


The Globalworth App offers tenants a unique user experience by allowing them to make use of the building Digital Master Key and this improves the happiness of workers at their place of work and their desire to return to the office. Through the app, we have a more effective dialogue with tenants and their workers – we can inform them more quickly and more effectively of what is happening in a building than through traditional means of communication. The app integrates existing building systems increasing their usability and much of the functionality is tailor-made for our tenants. The Globalworth App is the next step in the innovative development of our services. Get to know the tool and see for yourself the benefits that users are already enjoying. And that’s not all, we are working on developing the App and continuously expanding the services available. This is just the beginning, stay tuned!” says Robert Pysiak, the Head of IT & Technology at Globalworth Poland.

The Globalworth App is the next step in the innovative development of our services, it is worth getting to know this tool and seeing its advantages.

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