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Dimitris Raptis, an interview @ ZF Live

For companies in today's world, going globally is the next step for a growing business and for sourcing new opportunities. In an interview at ZF Live, our Deputy CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Dimitris Raptis, talked about our activity in the last several months, both in Romania and Poland and about how we managed to become the largest office investor in the country in less than a year.

When asked how do we always manage to deliver on time our projects, Dimitris affirmed that the key in such challenging project is to partner only with reputable and large construction companies and to make sure you have the right team on board. For example, Globalworth’s success and the projects of over 1 million sqm. delivered on time wouldn’t have been possible without our team of over 20 engineers overseeing the process of delivering the actual space to the tenants.

Regarding the difference between private and open spaces, Dimitris told the audience that, from his experience, people prefer open spaces and this is what our company offers in most of its buildings; in many multinational companies, even the CEOs don’t have their own office and prefer to have a desk alongside all the other employees.

More information about our future plans, our vision and the differences between the Romanian and Polish market can be found out here, in the recorded video.