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Consultancy Olesiński i Wspólnicy with offices in Renoma – innovation in a historic space

Renowned consultancy Olesiński i Wspólnicy has a new office in the Renoma building in Wrocław. The exceptional interior design covering around 2,200 sqm was inspired by modernism and art-deco and was created by the re:build studio in collaboration with the Robak Piasta Architekci and the Workplaces department at Globalworth Poland.

For many years, Renoma has been a Wrocław landmark and a prime example of European modernism. The building continues to impress while its excellent location, its well-designed space and its unique benefits attract new tenants. The advisory chose Renoma for its Wrocław headquarters because of its prestige and easily accessible location, which is of importance to both the company’s employees and its clients.

The office with an area of around 2,200 sqm is on the second floor in the historic part of the building with windows facing onto ul. Świdnicka and ul. Podwala. Workstations have been placed next to the building’s façade and two skylights while the space in between has been used for conference rooms and a fully functional kitchen intended to serve as a meeting space and a telephone room. The entire area is finished with greenery and artwork.

“The new Wrocław office is to be found in a building with a recognisable art deco style so the main inspiration was from the original interiors of the 1930s. Elements were brought in that hark back to that 1930’s style, including delicate wall tiling, geometric divisions on the ceiling and glass lampshades. Because of the large office area, dominant themes and colours were introduced for each functional area to help with orientation around the space. Together with the investor we took care to reuse elements that had been part of the office interior from the previous location.  We decided to reuse the wooden wall coverings, the concrete acoustic tiles, the free-standing furniture and even some of the recess fittings and all of this had to be coordinated from the very early stage of the concept planning. The design is dominated by a beige and grey colour scheme, made warmer by wooden elements. An art-deco interior is also a flexible space  with divisions and textures. We tried to evoke this effect through the use of corrugated metal and wood wool, which is also a material that absorbs noise.  Solutions such as these improve the comfort of work and the acoustics,” comments Kinga Łukaszyńska, an interior designer and architect from the re:build studio.

For the arrangement the re:build studio and the Workplaces division at Globalworth decided to keep the historic details and the minimalist colour scheme. The effect is a unique space where history meets modernity.

Within the space that has been tailored to the needs of the company, separate rooms for individual teams can be found as well as conference rooms. The interior combines the art-deco style with the ergonomics of work and care for the natural environment.  The workstations are marked out in grey with wooden details, and the multi-purpose interconnected rooms that form a corridor are beige with quatrefoil ceilings of the same color. At the same time, the dominant features within the three office wings including a bathroom block have been highlighted by corrugated metal wall cladding in green.

“It was important to us for the new office to be a friendly space for both our employees and their guests. We wanted it to be comfortable and modern while at the same time it had to fit in with the rest of the building’s architecture. Together with the re:build studio, we succeeded in creating this effect, We combined an elegant salon atmosphere with numerous details that relate to the uniqueness of the Renoma building. Taking on such a prestigious project is a massive challenge and hugely rewarding. I am convinced that  the law firm’s office will be functional and aesthetically pleasing for its users, while it will also foster teamwork,” comments  Przemysław Sus, the Project Manager of the Workplaces division in Globalworth.

The office in Renoma is used by the entire OW group, which for the last 18 years has been supporting the business with law, tax, analysis and accountancy projects. The new office is not only a place of work for  Olesiński i Wspólnicy, but also for  OW Accounting & Payroll (which offers advisory services covering accountancy, HR and remunerations) and for Saurus Grow (Administration). This combination of experts covers many different and diverse areas of expertise so broad teams can be created that can work on specific projects and not just within narrow fields of law and taxation.