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Street art and technology in a new Globalworth District event dedicated to visual arts

Globalworth District is about community, about people from our buildings, young artists, tech lovers and enthusiasts of new experiences. And the next Globalworth District event will bring all of them together on the 9th of July, starting 6 PM at Globalworth Green Court.  

During this edition, we will create an outdoor exhibition that will repurpose our colorful Globalworth Green Court offices into the host of a collaborative Street Art Gallery. 

"With every new edition of the Globalworth District project, we continue our promise to develop a community for people in our buildings, where they can socialize and enjoy experiences that integrate technology and art. In fact, our tenants' positive reaction to previous editions was one of the main reasons we planned new activations for the next event, throughout they will be directly involved in the transformation of office spaces”, says Georgiana Oltenescu, our Head of Marketing and Communication. 

Street artists like Pisica Patrata, Sweet Damage Crew, Mircea Popescu and George-Alexandru Stanciu will reimagine the Globalworth Green Court into an interactive street art playground that can be discovered through new technologies: augmented reality with dARe by Samsung and virtual reality. The fifth artist at the event will be represented by the Globalworth community and, for the first time, people working in the Globalworth buildings are invited to showcase their artworks at the event in a special section.

Parteners of the event are Samsung, George. The first intelligent banking. An innovation by BCR, Carrefour, Glo and Bömbaysapphire, and media partners are RADIO GUERRILLA,, Zile si Nopti Bucuresti, Igloo media, IQads,, Modernism Punct Ro, The Institute.