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Environmental Focus

Creating an environment in which people want to work and with which they want to be associated is a key objective for Globalworth, and for us there is no better way to achieve this than by building a “greener” and more environmentally-friendly portfolio.

Investment in energy-efficient properties allows us to give back to local communities, our investors, our tenants, our partners, and the people who work in or live nearby our buildings:

  • Local communities benefit from reduced carbon emissions generated from the use of the property.
  • Our tenants benefit from lower energy costs, positively impacting the profitability of their operations.
  • Those working in our buildings benefit from improved conditions thanks to temperature control and better flow and quality of air (which can also lead to improved productivity).
  • Our partners benefit by assisting us to develop, maintain and operate a green portfolio according to the respective specifications of each property.
  • Our investors benefit through the creation of long-term sustainable value in the portfolio.

In 2017, our efforts were dedicated to designing and building new developments with the aim of achieving LEED Gold, BREEAM Very Good, or higher accreditations. Alongside this, the ongoing investment in our properties is meant to ensure further improvement in our sustainability performance.

To our delight, over the course of last year, we received green accreditation for two new properties. Green Court "B", which was acquired by the Company in 2015, received LEED Gold accreditation in February 2016, while the Gara Herastrau office property, developed by Globalworth and completed in June 2016, received BREEAM Excellent accreditation in November.

In addition, our flagship Globalworth Tower, which was developed by the Company and completed in February 2016, was awarded a LEED Platinum rating in 2017. It is the first building in Romania and the broader SEE region to have received the highest available green accreditation, an achievement of which we are particularly proud.

Most of the standing office properties in our portfolio are now green accredited, with ten currently holding green accreditation of BREEAM Excellent/LEED Gold or higher. We are exploring the potential for similar accreditation for other properties in our portfolio, both standing and development projects.

Developments / New Investments

Globalworth is designing its development projects to be energy efficient and sustainable, aiming to achieve LEED Gold or BREEAM Very Good or higher accreditations. When considering new investments, Globalworth is looking, insofar as is possible, for green buildings or properties which have the potential to achieve a green classification.


How we achieve an environmental-friendly portfolio

The investment decisions we take are a crucial part of building a portfolio of green buildings, but our efforts don’t stop there; another important part of our strategy is the active management of our current assets.

Investment decisions

We centre our investment decisions on “green” certified real estate or non-green certified real estate with environmentally friendly potential – be they standing properties or properties that are currently in development. To this end, we take the following steps:

  • We invest in real estate which meets the requirements of tenants, the wider community and our shareholders;
  • We focus on investments that either have received green accreditation or have the potential to receive it in the future;
  • We look at developments that are designed to be energy efficient and sustainable, aiming to achieve LEED Gold or BREEAM Very Good or higher accreditations.


Active management

The active management of our assets means that we are constantly exploring and implementing changes that will improve the environmental footprint of our properties. For this, we focus on:

  • Active management of our properties to ensure that they operate according to their specifications;
  • Actively working together with our tenants, partners and the community to identify ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our properties;
  • Constantly improving the workspace and the environmental footprint of our properties in order to maintain the marketability of our properties.


Our outlook

Globalworth aims to give back to the community, its partners and its shareholders. Our goal is to create long-term sustainable value, and we aim to do so by creating an environment in which tenants want to work in, and the overall community benefits from.


Our Certifications

Globalworth Tower

2017 LEED Platinum accreditation

Globalworth Plaza

BREEAM Excellent Accreditation

Green Court Bucharest II

2016 LEED Gold certification

Green Court Bucharest Building A

2015 LEED Gold certification

Green Court Bucharest Building C

2016 LEED Gold certification

Tower Centre International

BREEAM Excellent


2014 BREEAM Excellent and LEED Platinum

UniCredit HQ

2012 BREEAM Very Good


2014 BREEAM Excellent

City Offices

2015 LEED Gold

Gara Herastrau

2016 BREEAM Excellent

Globalworth Campus