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The Globalworth Foundation continues its partnership with the Renașterea Foundation and has supported the Happy Run - Race for the Cure campaign

Until now, the total amount allocated by the Globalworth in breast cancer prevention programs of the Renașterea Foundation is over 80,000 euros

 The Globalworth Foundation has supported the fifth edition of the Happy Run - Race for the Cure Romania, the largest and the most successful fundraising and informing event for women's health. The event, a celebration of the winners in the fight against cancer, took place on September 29th, 2019, in Herastrau Park.

 The Globalworth Foundation aims to support health and access to health care, starting from the idea that nothing can be done without a solid foundation in this area. To date, the total amount allocated by the Globalworth Foundation in breast cancer prevention programs of the Renașterea Foundation is over 80,000 euros.

 "The partnership initiated with the Globalworth Foundation, in 2017, is extraordinarily important for the Renașterea Foundation's programs, due to the complexity of the supported areas - purchase of medical equipment, conducting free medical investigations and information campaigns for young people on the importance of prevention and adopting a healthy life, but also awareness campaigns for women's health. We are very honored of the confidence we have received and we hope that this model of partnership between NGOs will be replicated as widely as possible. ” Mihaela Geoană, President of the Renașterea Foundation.

 “At the Globalworth Foundation we aim to be actively involved in the community in which we operate and to support initiatives with a real positive impact. By funding such campaigns, we want to emphasize once again the importance of prevention programs for women's health and periodic medical control in the early detection of breast cancer." Georgiana Iliescu, Executive Director of Globalworth Foundation.

 The collaboration between the Globalworth Foundation and the Renașterea Foundation began in 2017, the Globalworth Tower, the first modern building in Bucharest was illuminated in pink, the symbolic color of the fight against breast cancer.

 Subsequently, the Globalworth Foundation contributed with a donation of 11,000 euros for the purchase of a 4D ultrasound worthing 38,000 euros, the ultra-performing equipment being used in the Renașterea Medical Center of Excellence.

 In 2018, the Globalworth Foundation allocated 30,000 euros and thus became involved in the programs for the prevention and early diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer. Following this funding, 829 medical investigations were carried out for women from vulnerable categories: breast ultrasound, mammography, gynecological consultations, Babeș-Papanicolau tests and support was offered to the Oncology Patient Support Association.

 This year, the Globalworth Foundation supported with the sum of 40,000 euros the programs of the Renașterea Foundation which included: Adolescența în roz project and  the fifth edition of the Happy Run - Race for the Cure Romania The project involved awareness campaigns among high school students about the danger of breast cancer developed in 8 high schools in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Timișoara, Iași and Oradea.