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Globalworth Foundation - COVID-19 Response Fund

650,000 euros donated in the fight against the pandemic

With so much uncertainty and concern surrounding the recent novel coronavirus, there is something we can all do to help the fight against it. Aside from keeping safe and the following guidelines, we can all do our part to help: we can donate, we can support the frontline healthcare workers who save countless lives, we can show solidarity.

Now more than ever, we count on our donors to continue the global fight against the pandemic. As part of ongoing efforts to support communities amid the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, Globalworth Foundation continues to equip intensive care unites for COVID patients and to donate vital supplies for 10 hospitals in Romania and Poland:

  1. Romania, New intensive care unit in ROL 2 Carol Davila Central Military Emergency                  University Hospital in Bucharest
  2. Romania, Clinical Hospital Colentina in Bucharest
  3. Romania, The National Institute for Infectious Diseases "Prof.dr. Matei Bals" in Bucharest
  4. Romania, "Prof. dr. Marius Nasta" Institute for Pneumology in Bucharest
  5. Romania, Onesti Municipal Hospital "Sfantul Ierarh Dr. Luca"
  6. Poland, Isolation Hospital in Chorzów
  7. Poland, Isolation Hospital in Łódź
  8. Poland, Wolski Hospital in Warsaw
  9. Poland, Murcki Hospital in Katowice
  10. Poland, Rydygier Hospital in Kraków

We are convinced that we all should act as quickly as possible during this emergency and try to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our communities in Poland and Romania, as well as on the society we live in. Therefore, despite challenges, Globalworth Foundation is engaged with:

  • 32 of Vital functions monitors
  • 4 Mechanical ventilators essential devices for intensive care unit
  • 32,085 FFP2 and FFP3 safety masks
  • 15,800 surgical masks
  • 8,893 protective overalls
  • 7,856 protective glasses
  • 58,100 protective gloves
  • 152 disinfectant bottles
  • 21 beds for intensive care unit and intensive medical supervision
  • 8,600 meals

Protecting healthcare workers remains a top priority. These are the heroes on the frontline who continue to tirelessly provide care and support to  children and families affected. Therefore, Globalworth Foundation allocated until now 650,000 euros to help fund medical supplies as well as logistical, human and material support. We all want to get back to something close to normal. I am sure that together we will get through this. Stay Safe!” -  Dimitris Raptis, Co-CEO & CIO Globalworth.