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EUR 1 million donation for a brighter future for children

Just a couple of days ago we launched our foundation. And today, we are happy to announce an EUR1 million donation to United Way, both in the name of the Globalworth Foundation and also our Founder and CEO, Ioannis Papalekas. The amount was given to United Way Romania for the “Nesting a brighter future for children” program, which will offer support to 3,500 children and 2,800 parents by 2021. 

 We want to create a partnership which will lead to a long-lasting and sustainable impact and develop communities all over the country, through multi-annual educational and assistance programmes created and implemented by NGO.

 ‘’I strongly believe that the task of educating the youngsters, of offering them assistance and providing them at least the minimum health care must be a priority for us and an amazing accomplishment of our corporate social responsibility. Youngsters represent the future and investing in their education is key. We hope to contribute as much as we can, and we stay committed to increase and expand these programs alongside the tremendous and extraordinary work of United Way Romania’’, stated Ioannis Papalekas, Founder and CEO, Globalworth.

 “For over 14 years, we have been taking upon the challenge to identify and come up with solutions to issues that Romanian communities face, from poverty to social integration, financial stability and access to quality education and health services. Globalworth Foundation’s involvement in our project helps us continue the process of reaching our objective of improving the relationship inside the community-school-family circle and put the children at the core of it”, stated Cristina Damian, Executive Director, United Way Romania 

 The donation we’re making will help establish and furnish community centres in 12 Romanian cities, which will enrol 3,500 disadvantaged children, 2,800 parents, 700 teachers, educators, and school mediators. We are sure that this program will provide the financial support that many children and their families need, covering their basic needs, health services and medication, school supplies, daily meals and clothes, trips and non-formal education activities, as well as counselling and guidance.

 There are many programs worth supporting, but what set this one apart is that the beneficiary children will be making their own contribution within the tutoring part, as older kids will offer math, literature and science sessions to younger ones.