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By using, you can help over 1,200 sustainable NGOs over the next two years by redirecting your 3.5% tax payment.

A project supported by Globalworth Foundation is a free digital platform that simplifies the process of collecting the 3.5% of annual tax deductions;

  • Over 10,100 forms were collected through in 2019;
  • Over 1,200 NGOs have an active profile on;
  • The platform was ranked first at the Civil Society Gala in 2019;
  • The access for NGOs to the platform is free;
  • A technological solution that stimulates and encourages the civic spirit of Romanians;

Unfortunately, the number of people that do not fill in form 230, through which they can direct part of their tax payment to an NGO, is very high and there are usually two reasons - firstly, the process is cumbersome and, secondly, information on the NGOs that are supported is not centralised. NGOs are trying to convey the message on redirection, but it is difficult to reach a large number of taxpayers given the resources required and the cut-off date of March 15, 2020. It is estimated that only 20% of taxpayers choose to redirect part of their taxes to a cause. is a digital platform that facilitates the collection of form 230 for the redirection of up to 3.5% of income tax, developed free of charge by volunteers from Code for Romania. By digitising and making accessible the NGO selection process and by correctly filling in form 230, this digital solution simplifies the process, which until recently could only be completed using pen and paper, for the over 1,200 NGOs currently registered on the platform.NGOs can thus devote more energy to their causes, being freed from the need to spend time and resources coordinating offline public participation. As of 2020, the platform is also being supported by Patria Bank and Globalworth Foundation

The steps you have to take to redirect up to 3.5% of your tax payment to an NGO through the platform

  • Access redirecționează.ro;
  • Choose a preferred NGO from the over 1,200 listed;
  • Fill in the form on the NGO page on;
  • Download the PDF file completed with your data and that of the NGO and print it;
  • Sign the form and either:
    • Send it by registered mail to the ANAF unit to which you belong - redirecț provides all the necessary information about the correct recipient;
    • Or send it by courier or mail to the NGO’s address and they will submit it. You can find the mailing address on the NGO page you have chosen from

The application is an instrument that encourages civic participation. Not only can you fill in Form 230, but you can also make the platform known to your friends, family, colleagues. The message thus reaches an increasing number of people, and the positive impact of the funds generated from the 3.5% tax payment will lead to increased resources for the NGOs to support their existing and future causes.

 Of course, if you are a specialist in IT, communications, research or UX / UI, by going to you can join Code for Romania and get involved in developing one of the applications that aim to increase transparency, open public data, support education and free access to services.

 About Code for Romania

 Code for Romania is a non-governmental organisation, established in 2016 with the aim of solving problems in Romanian society with the help of technology. In over three years of activity, Code for Romania has brought together a community of over one thousand volunteers from IT, research and UX, from both the country and the diaspora, and delivered dozens of viable digital solutions in collaboration with both civil society and public institutions in Romania. All Code for Romania solutions are open source under MPL 2.0 license, which means that any Code for Romania result can be reused and / or replicated.