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Another year with Hospice - Casa Sperantei

Sometimes it takes so little to help a person in their battle with a disease, by simply being there and showing support. For them it means the whole world and they will never forget the helping hand they received.

We are grateful to be a part of programmes aiming to help people get through health problems. And this year we had, again, the honour to be one of the main sponsors for Edelweiss Dinner, the most important charity event of the year organized by HOSPICE - Casa Sperantei.

During the event an auction took place to raise funds for providing free services to children and adults facing an incurable disease.

In Romania, there are over 170,000 people who need special care each year, but only 9% have access to these services. We are with them in this battle, we support them and we care for them. This is why we thank Hospice - Casa Sperantei for letting us be a part of their charity event.