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2017 Globalworth Christmas Charity Days Report

It’s hard to believe that the 2017 Globalworth Christmas Charity Days have ended. The right words to describe how we feel now are difficult to find. We can only hope we succeeded in bringing a little bit more happiness in the hearts of the 1.200 less fortunate children from our partner charity foundations Hospice Casa Sperantei, Salvați Copiii, United Way, Sfantul Dimitrie Foundation, ‘Un strop de Fericire’ Association and many others.

When we started planning the 2017 Christmas Charity Days we said to ourselves that the fourth edition of this annual event should be truly magical, so we did our best to make it happen as imagined. Judging by the numbers of hugs, happy faces, wishes and encouragement, we think we did.

Children making their own magic

Our 15 elves taught the kids how to create their own magical things. We’ve seen children creating thousands of painted wooden toys and dolls, caps made of colourful wool yarns, shiny globes, little princess paper crowns and so much more. But, most of all, we loved the handmade Christmas wreaths decorated with dried oranges, flowers, chestnuts, cones, wheat, fairy’s flowers, spreading around the spicy perfume of cinnamon and cloves.

Hard work deserved to be rewarded with a healthy lunch prepared with love by our friends at Flying Pig. The delicious dessert came from PAUL and to make sure it’s all perfect, we added two more surprises we knew children would love! As you can see from the pictures, the cotton candies and popcorn were a smashing success!

Music, dancing and Santa's gifts

We also had Marius Dragus showing children what magic powers can do! Music couldn’t miss being part of such a celebration, so for four days we had guest artists. We listened, sang and danced to their music. We would dare to say that Antonia Stancu’s interpretation of Queen’s “We will rock you” got the loudest applause, but Alexandra Ungureanu, Robert Toma, Angelo Simonica, Silvia, Georgia and different choirs with amazing singers were no less appreciated.

And, yes, of course, Santa was here! Actually, for four days in a row he stopped by at Globalworth Tower bringing gifts for all children.

Special thanks to our friends and volunteers ...

We feel extremely grateful to all the heart warming and wonderful people that helped us organise this four day event. So, a big THANK YOU and lots of hugs for the behind-the-scenes people at ConanPR, Make a Wish Romania volunteers, Ruxi, Ana Maria Bogdan and many others.

Final consideration for 2017 Christmas Charity Days

We knew it won’t be easy and it wasn’t, but we did it! We knew it will be worth it, but never imagined how much. What we have learned …  Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. When you open your heart, even the bad things start losing their power and true light shines brighter. So, we say, let it be light!