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CSR News

We all at Globalworth believe that is any corporation's duty to assess and take responsibility for its effects on environmental and social wellbeing. Ever since we have opened our operations in Romania, we have had a keen interest in supporting the local community and along the years we developed and financed various CSR initiatives.

  • We "race for the cure" with Fundatia Renasterea

    We’re starting this summer with a series of good deeds! Fundatia Renasterea planned a „race for the cure”, a feast of winners in the fight against cancer and the world's most renowned fund raising race for breast cancer prevention.

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  • Another year with Hospice - Casa Sperantei

    We are grateful to be a part of programs aiming to help people get through health problems. And this year we had, again, the honor to be one of the main sponsors for Edelweiss Dinner, the most important charity event of the year organized by HOSPICE - Casa Sperantei.

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  • One big champion at a very young age

    Children and their success inspire us day by day and we do our best to support their choices. David is one of these kids. He’s very special, because he is a tennis champion at the age of only 12. He started playing tennis at the age of 6 and by now he went up over 100 position in the rankings.

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  • Always supporting our people

    Globalworth people are very inspiring with the hobbies they have. Some of them are passionate about nature and love standing with bare foot in the grass, others are passionate about cooking or reading or fine arts, but one of them is crossing the mountains with a bicycle. Although he is not our colleague anymore, Stan remains part of our family and we are so proud to share with you his latest adventure, a trip in the Alps.

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  • Maps of Time, an exhibition about the art and science of architecture

    Architecture is the art that shapes the environment we live in and it is the manifestation of human civilization in a certain period of time. It is a permanent expression of the society ways of thinking and ideals and it is a testimony for the generations to come. As Winston Churchill once mentioned: „We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”.

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