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  • Hello, Spring! @Globalworth

    Although the weather outside doesn't show it, the spring is here! Nothing can stop spring from coming ... or at least not in Globalworth office buildings! Starting the first of March, until 12, from 8:30 to 14:30, the “Hello, Spring!” caravan will visit 8 of our buildings and bring the lovely ladies working there not only reasons to smile, but also an awesome prize.

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  • Take a look at our fresh Annual Report for 2017

    If you are curious about what last year meant for us, please take a look at our fresh Annual Report for 2017

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  • Acknowledging Romanian students’ performance

    Globalworth is proud to have recently made awards to the Romanian students who won second 2 place at MIT's Zero Robotics High School Tournament 2017. On 30th of January, at “Banat National College's Gala of Excellence” in Timisoara, a regional event that acknowledges those students who have achieved excellent results, Globalworth awarded each of the Romanian winners with a latest generation, fully equipped laptop.

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  • 2017, a great year for office investment

    If one sifts through 2017 market analyses, the most likely conclusion is that 2017 was a great year for investment.

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  • Creating office spaces that feel a lot like home

    From the very beginning, being just the partner companies want to do business with was not enough for us. We wanted to become the partner they want to have by their side when designing their future workspaces, the ones their employees will simply love. In other words, our goal was not to offer a place where the work is done but offer them spaces improving how it’s done.

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