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Valentin Neagu (Globalworth) about smart workplaces

Valentin Neagu, Chief Aset Management Officer of Globalworth, spoke at The Facility & Property Management Conference, which brought together owners, tenants and specialists in the maintenance and management of commercial properties. It was a good opportunity to reveal how digitization and technology lead to better results and how innovation continues to influence the financial performance of buildings. All these have a significant impact on the quality of life in the building, but also on the productivity, safety and employee satisfaction, as well on the environment.

These were only some of the subjects discussed by Valentin Neagu in the “The Smart Workplace Is Now” panel.

“How does a smart workplace look like?” and “How do new workplaces & technologies change the way we work and live?” were two other questions that gave Valentin the chance to talk about Globalworth District, the first art&tech district in Romania. Valentin also touched on topics such as transforming the Globalworth buildings into unconventional spaces that host and support art, combining technology and communities:

“Using technology enables us to save time and repurpose it for meaningful human interactions.”