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Together, we will get through this. At Globalworth, the safety of our communities is our top priority.

In these extremely difficult times, I would like to thank all our  colleagues,  partners and all our  over 700 tenants and tens of thousands of employees working in our buildings across Romania and Poland.

At Globalworth, the safety of our communities is our top priority and we could not make it without your great support. We are following the advice of authorities and proactively implementing a range of precautionary measures, from stringent sanitation and cleaning protocols to action plans, in order to better safeguard the real-estate industry. 

We are living in situations where we have rapidly changing probabilities, but we are prepared for several scenarios and we will intervene at the right time, depending on how things evolve. Our mission for the coming weeks is clear, but I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to each of you. I am extremely proud and grateful to our teams and partners who work from home or come at the office day by day to ensure business continuity. I am extremely proud and grateful to work with all of you!

We are all committed to doing all we can to protect our colleagues,  tenants and partners.

I am grateful to know you all safe and confident that we will get through this together.

Take good care of each other and of yourself.

Stay safe!

Dimitris Raptis,

Co-CEO & CIO Globalworth