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The Globalworth and Renașterea Foundations offer free tests to cancer patients

 It’s the season of giving and the Globalworth and Renașterea Foundations are offering free medical investigations to 120 cancer patients at the Renașterea Medical Centre of Excellence in Bucharest. Patients who want to receive free breast investigations (digital mammograms, breast ultrasounds, examinations) may make an appointment by calling 0314.37.99.00.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, patients diagnosed with breast cancer, which must have regular screenings, faced difficulties in getting their medical checks, particularly imaging scans. Cancer patients need regular imaging scans for 5 years after the end of their treatment, as during this time they are at high risk of relapse. An early diagnosis and fast medical intervention may help them get their health back.

Ever since the start of the pandemic, it has become a challenge for cancer patients to access medical investigations provided by state hospitals, seeing as many of them were turned into COVID hospitals. Appointments with private medical centres working with the National Health Insurance House have very long waiting times, and for this category of patients it is extremely important to follow the oncologist’s recommendations with respect to the timing of imaging scans.

For this reason, the opportunity given to cancer patients to access free medical investigations at the Renașterea Medical Centre of Excellence, thanks to the Globalworth Foundation, is a veritable holiday gift granting them the opportunity to find out that they are well or to discover early any potential problem, thus saving their lives.

 This autumn, the Globalworth Foundation and the Renașterea Foundation launched the Mobile Caravan for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis, making available 1,200 free Pap tests for women in Chitila, Agigea and Mihăești Vâlcea. Throughout the event, all the necessary measures were taken to ensure social distancing and health safety. The testing campaign took place during the period 15 September – 10 December, in the locations above.

Because chances for cure are very much dependent on the time of the diagnosis, The Globalworth Foundation has offered Renașterea Foundation 45,000 euros for the Mobile Caravan for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis, aiming to raise awareness on the benefits of prevention and provide access to free medical checks. Thus, for 3 months, between 12 September and 10 December 2021, roughly 1,200 women received free access to Pap tests used to detect gynaecological disorders. Within the same project, 120 women diagnosed with cancer may access imaging scans or medical checks at the Renașterea Medical Centre of Excellence in Bucharest.

 “The Renașterea Foundation has been campaigning for more than 20 years for the right of Romanian women to quality medical services. Thanks to the funding provided by the Globalworth Foundation this year, the Mobil Diagnosis Unit offered 1200 tests to women in areas with limited access to medical services, and 120 cancer patients may receive free digital mammograms, ultrasounds or breast exams, at the Renașterea Medical Centre of Excellence in Bucharest. By implementing this type of campaigns, we are trying to educate and inform women about the benefits of regular medical checks, and to contribute as much as possible to increasing the breast cancer and cervical cancer survival rates. We are happy that, through this project, with the help of our partner – the Globalworth Foundation, we succeed to offer disadvantaged women medical tests that might save their lives”, said Mihaela Geoană, President of the Renașterea Foundation.

“It is up to each of us to be responsible, to take care of ourselves and those around us. Care should be particularly directed to the women who have suffered hardship, such as the women diagnosed with cancer. The fact that they defeated this disease makes them our models, and we are happy to be able to help them receive free medical tests that are vital during the post cancer treatment phase, such as mammograms or breast ultrasounds. We will always support projects such as the one led by the Renașterea Foundation, precisely because they bring us closer to accomplishing our mission of taking care of the people in our community”, added Raisa Beicu, Marketing & PR Manager Globalworth.

The collaboration between Globalworth and Renașterea Foundation began in 2017, when Globalworth Tower, the second tallest office building in Romania, was illuminated in pink, colour symbolising the fight against breast cancer. Subsequently, Globalworth donated for the purchase of a 4D ultrasound machine, next-generation equipment used in the Renașterea Medical Centre of Excellence. In 2018, the Globalworth Foundation got involved in the breast cancer and cervical cancer prevention and early diagnosis programmes, during which 829 medical investigations were performed on women from vulnerable categories: breast ultrasounds, mammograms, gynaecological exams, Pap tests, and supported the activity of the Cancer Patient Support Association. In 2019, the Globalworth Foundation offered 1,000 FFP2 masks for the protection kits provided by the Renașterea Foundation to healthcare professionals and cancer patients during the COVID pandemic. To date, the total amount allocated by Globalworth for the Renașterea Foundation’s breast cancer and cervical cancer prevention programmes exceeds 80,000 euros. Globalworth and the Globalworth Foundation have donated a total of 130,000 euros for Renașterea Foundation projects.