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Social distancing in the workspace has led to increased demand for office space

As we slowly get back to the new normal after the worldwide COVID outbreak, Globalworth as a responsible and involved landlord is committed to ensuring that tenants, partners and communities can return back to work safely.

In the first 2 weeks after the lockdown, 20-25% of the tenants are expected to return in the offices and a gradual increase to 100% until September 2020. More space between desks, partitions and sanitation stations will be needed, new rules on the use of common areas, meeting or conference rooms to be respected. If before workstations were about privacy, now they are about safety and physical separation between colleagues. Therefore, the number of square meters of office space went up from 10 to 15-20 m² per employee.

Even if some of the employees will continue to work from home for a while, and some of them will work in shifts, there is still a significant percentage of employees who will come to the office and the number will increase as the intensity of the pandemic decreases. Therefore, the need to increase the space allocated per employee is already noticed and there are more and more requests to increase the office space from the companies in the Globalworth portfolio and developments in this direction are expected from now on. 

Looking at the past two months, we all realize how much we have adapted and, after all, it is a collective exercise in endurance, flexibility and strength: we all want to limit the negative impact of this crisis and to restore the market. We all want to get used to the new normalcy because we know that this will bring us closer to the previous normalcy and every step towards this normality is a gain. 

But it seems that the experience of living through a pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on the way we work. And in this context, our leasing teams are prepared with tailored solutions to accommodate the current tenant's needs, to help them respect the distance inside their spaces”- Ema Iftimie Head of Leasing Globalworth Romania.