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Returning to the office: Measures implemented by Globalworth

As a responsible landlord and industry leader, Globalworth implements preventive and security measures in Romania, taking into consideration the returning of the tenants, along with the ending of the national State of Emergency on the 15th of May.

The safety and wellbeing of our tenants, partners and communities continue to be our top priority. We are following regulations and recommendations issued by the World Health Organisation as well as national, regional and local governments and we will continue to do so with the aim to protect our assets and minimize our exposure to the impact of Covid-19.

“It is our commitment to comply with all the mandatory measures to ensure that the activity is carried out in complete safety for our tenants and employees. The measures concern all the 100,000 people who work, transit, or visit (in) all our 14 buildings and we hope that they will become the new standard respected by all of them. We can confirm that Globalworth will continue to monitor this complex issue as it develops and will constantly adapt the measures to keep our workplaces safe.” – Valentin Neagu, Chief Asset Management Officer at Globalworth

Numbers of effective measures have already been implemented, but as global concern increases and the national State of Emergency is ending, we are actively working on how to limit the risks.

For this purpose, please find below some of the most important actions that will be implemented in the coming days:

1.    We ensure that all the actions regarding the improved efficiency of the HVAC system are taken;

2.    Building key suppliers: technical maintenance, security and cleaning staff are required to observe and practice hand hygiene and follow Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) requirements with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves). The same requirements will be applied to the tenants’ suppliers performing such services while transiting the common areas;

3.    Signage at the entrances of the buildings with hygiene instructions for limiting the Covid-19 spread (face masks / covering the nose and mouth inside the building and hand disinfection);

4.    Increase sanitization protocol by disinfecting the sensitives areas of the common spaces (lobby lifts, access ways, stairs cases, toilets);

5.    Visitors protocol: the visitors will register at the reception desk and their access to turnstiles is subject to respecting the legal provisions in relation to wearing face masks;

6.    A special area will be designated for vendors and couriers and the area will be sanitized with increased frequency;

7.    Social distancing protocol:
⦁    Lobby and entries:
–    Designated one-way circulation routes for the entrance and exit areas of the buildings;
–    Designate and signpost the direction of foot traffic in main circulation paths: corridors, stairs, entries.

⦁    Elevators:
–    Signage to maintain safe distances in the lobby lifts;
–    Recommendation for max 4 people in the elevators to avoid over-crowding;
–    Floor stickers to establish distancing zones and describe where and how to stand.

⦁    Common areas:
–    Mark increments of locally acceptable social distance in areas where queues could form;
–    Communicate new rules or protocols for common areas to all stakeholders.

8.    Re-enforcing the cleaning program:
⦁    Prior to deconfinement day, disinfection session with a nebulizer for all the common area in the building;
⦁    Sensitive common areas will be frequently disinfected; elevators panel commands to be treated with an antiviral coating (based on existing available solutions);
⦁    Expand the availability of hand sanitizers throughout the building (entries, lobby lifts reception and all floors);
⦁    Sanitized floor mats at the buildings’ entries;
⦁    Glass screens between guests and reception personnel.

We strongly encourage all the stakeholders to respect the measures in the following period.
Only together we will keep it safe and healthy!