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I miss my office, the Globalworth’s first international campaign, coming to an end

After 4 intense weeks full of good music and conversations, our I miss my office campaign is coming to an end for 2020. Millions of people listened to our shows in both Poland and Romania, about 2,000 WhatsApp messages were sent during the morning shows, 40 gifts were offered in 4 weeks and over 80 listeners went live and answered to the question: What do you miss the most from your office life? 

The most common answers have been turned into drawings by a Romanian illustrator on the Globalworth Instagram profile: I miss having coffee with co-workers, I miss that colleague who bakes the most amazing treats, I miss the moments when we all gather at someone's laptop to watch a video, I miss to be asked to go to supermarket, I miss having a gap between my personal life and my job, I miss missing my kids, I miss the office gossip, I miss reading books on the subway, I miss the chocolate I shared with my co-workers, I miss getting ready for the office and being complimented, I miss going out for drinks after work, I miss bumping randomly into colleagues and sparking conversations, I miss the smell of fresh pretzels in the morning, I miss the funny colleague, I miss team building sessions, I miss debating about movies and series, I miss working with my colleagues, I miss the birthday parties at the office, I miss my desk and all the object that made it mine and personal, I miss the curiosity of finding out what my colleagues ordered online.

Since we are the leading office investor in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and we have the largest business communities in both Poland and Romania, we decided to launch, under the #ReconnectedByGlobalworth hashtag, the I miss my office radio and digital campaign, to reconnect people working in office buildings in a different way. Based on our tenants’ feedback, after so many months spent in their homes, people miss the atmosphere they used to enjoy in the morning before starting their jobs. And this fact was totally confirmed by the huge number of people who liked our posts, who enjoyed our live concert, who called during the daily morning shows, reminiscing about fun moments during brainstorming sessions, their morning coffee with an office view, and all those other little things that make office life so enjoyable.

The highlight of this campaign was the weekly concert. Every Friday, on Radio Guerrilla, on Radio Kolor and on the Globalworth Facebook page, we could enjoy live concerts: Dan Byron (RO), Smolik // Kev Fox (PL), Natalia Przybysz (PL) and Mono Jacks (Ro) were the famous artists who brought the good vibes in the homes of our community members. Through these live moments, watched by hundreds of thousands of people, we wanted to take short breaks from the daily routine, reminding everyone that we are still together, no matter what. #MusicMakesUsGrow is one of our branding drivers, and once again, music has had the power of making us feel part of a group. 

Furthermore, during these 4 weeks, we created 4 vibrant Spotify playlists, featuring songs handpicked by the radio hosts from the song requests sent by people from both countries. We called these musical collections Office groves by Globalworth and you can listen to them here

These past few months have been hard on all of us, and what we all miss the most is human interaction. Office life is not only about work, but also about being part of a community. And it was only after we started working from home that we truly discovered its importance. We are glad to see that I miss my office, a project made in collaboration with Radio Kolor and Radio Guerrilla, helped us to reconnect on air for the time being and we hope we will soon be able to get together again at the office.

We are all craving for previous normalcy, we miss the morning routine when we were catching up with our co-workers before starting the workday.

We can’t wait to be back on track! Until then, we will keep being #ReconnectedByGlobalworth.