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Helping over 1,500 sustainable NGOs by redirecting our 3,5% tax payment

The Globalworth Foundation teams up with Code for Romania and Patria Bank in supporting this year’s campaign for bringing closer to citizens and NGOs, and encourages you to:

1.    Access redirecționează.ro until 30 June 2020
2.    Choose a preferred NGO from the over 1,500 listed
3.    Fill in the #230 form, print it, and sign it.
You can choose to either send it in person or via mail to ANAF or sending it to the NGO via post, in person, or email so that they can do the proper paperwork for you
4.    Become a civic superhero

For any admin questions, please write to 

By using, you can help over 1,500 NGOs enrolled in the platform to be sustainable over the next two years!     
Be part of the most significant civic movement in Romania and redirect up to 3.5% form your tax payment to your chosen NGO. Help us help them so that they in their turn to help you!

ABOUT THE PROJECT is a digital platform that facilitates the collection of form 230 for the redirection of up to 3.5% of income tax, developed free of charge by volunteers from Code for Romania. By digitising and making accessible the NGO selection process and by correctly filling in form 230, this digital solution simplifies the process, which until recently could only be completed using pen and paper, for the over 1,500 NGOs currently registered on the platform, NGOs can thus devote more energy to their causes, being freed from the need to spend time and resources coordinating offline public participation. As of 2020, the platform is also being supported by Paria Bank and Globalworth Foundation

The application is an instrument that encourages civic participation. Not only can you fill in Form 230, but you can also make the platform known to your friends, family, colleagues. The message thus reaches an increasing number of people, and the positive impact of the funds generated from the 3.5% tax payment will lead to increased resources for the NGOs to support their existing and future causes.