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In a premiere partnership, Globalworth and Radio Guerilla turn Monday into employees’ favorite day

There is this tradition that Mondays are no fun days.

Starting September 23rd, Globalworth and Radio Guerilla prove the contrary, launching a long-term partnership under Globalworth’s platform #MusicMakesUsGrow.

As a premiere initiative, Globalworth invites one of the most famous radio shows in Romania to move its studio in the office buildings owned by the  company in Bucharest. This way, Guerrillive Radio Session with Bogdan Serban goes live directly from Globalworth buildings lobbies  every Monday, starting 17.00 o’clock. Also, the show will be livestreamed on Globalworth and Radio Guerrilla Facebook pages.Employees working within Globalworth’s buildings will have the chance to see the most well-known artists in Romania, right at their working places,  and to enjoy a different after hours corporate/work experience.

“Our partners and friends from Radio Guerilla were 100% receptive to our vision related to offering to Globalworth’s community totally unique experiences. We encourage genuine interaction between all employees who are daily entering our buildings, not just through the top facilities we are offering, but also through the events we are organizing. Most of them are already familiar with Globalworth District, a concept which defines our community of over 100.000 people, most of them sharing common passions and interests”, says Georgiana Oltenescu, Head of Marketing and Communication at Globalworth.

Globalworth District is a benefit for all employees working in the landlord’s buildings, offering them access to original cultural events, after the working hours. It is also a benefit for the companies which are part of the Globalworth community. Ensuring a proper work-life balance for the employees is a priority for Globalworth.

Globalworth District is based on three pillars: music, visual arts and fashion, all reinterpreted technology based. The first edition took place in February 2019 and it was followed by another two editions so far.


The full program of Guerrilive Radio Session can be found below.

Let’s turn Monday into our favorite day!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



📅 September 23th

🏢 Globalworth Campus / Tower 1

🎤 The Mono Jacks



📅 September 30th

🏢 Globalworth Green Court

🎤 Mr.jurjak



📅 October 7th

🏢 Gara Herăstrău

🎤 Șuie Paparude



📅 October 14th


🎤 Dimitri's Bats



📅 October 21th

🏢 Globalworth Plaza

🎤 byron



📅 October 28th

🏢 City Offices

🎤 Lucia



📅 November 4th





📅 November 11th

🏢Globalworth Tower

🎤 Grimus



📅 November 18th

🏢 Globalworth Campus / Tower 2

🎤 Robin and the Backstabbers



📅 November 25th

🏢 Globalworth Green Court B

🎤 Implant pentru Refuz



📅 December 2nd

🏢 Globalworth Plaza







📅 December 9th

🏢 Globalworth Tower

🎤 Subcarpati



📅 December 16th


🎤 Cardinal