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Globalworth Tower hosts the first augmented Art Gallery with video mapping animations

On July 31st, we’re celebrating the opening day with a cocktail reception at 5.00 p.m., at Globalworth Tower, main lobby. Come by and join us for a glass!

Once again, Victor Fota’s universe opens in front of you in a place where art meets technology. The exhibition explores the relationship between man, machine and technology, where technology is not only one of the themes, but also the means by which your experience as an art lover is transformed.

One Night Gallery uses augmented reality to create a new type of interaction between the public and the artworks presenting an extension of the paintings with video mapping animations. All you have to do is scan the paintings with the Artivive application.

Furthermore, one of the exhibited paintings is also a portal, a direct line with the artist, where Victor Fota himself invites you into his universe. 

The Human Extension by Victor Fota is part of the Art & Tech District, a cultural initiative founded by Globalworth in partnership with One Night Gallery that aims to promote the young generation of Romanian artists through emerging technologies and and to involve the community in the process.

Part One: Human Extension 
July 31st – August 7th

Part Two: Human Extension II
August 8th – 17th

Part Three: Entropy 
August 18th – 24th