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Globalworth prepared for office sector restart in Poland

Along with the next government stage of "defrosting" the Polish economy, more and more tenants are planning to return their employees to the offices. Globalworth - as the responsible owner and industry leader - since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, treats the health of tenants, partners and community as the highest priority. As a result, all Globalworth buildings in Poland were and still are safe and ready to go back to intense work.
Before the coronavirus pandemic, 22 Globalworth projects in Poland had over 110,000 employees and visitors every day. With the growing threat of COVID-19, many tenants switched to the home office work model. Now, along with the third government stage of "defrosting" the Polish economy, more and more companies are planning to return more employees to their office spaces in the Globalworth buildings.

Safety first 

The safety and health of our tenants, partners and members of the Globalworth building community are our highest priority. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 threat, we have been following the authorities' recommendations and proactively implementing a number of preventive measures - from strict sanitary and disinfection procedures in buildings, regularly updated action plans, to constant communication with tenants. Today, a significant part of our tenants are preparing to intense return to their offices, planning changes on their surfaces related to COVID-19. As a responsible landlord and property manager in most of our assets, we continue to focus on providing the highest level of security in common areas and public spaces in our buildings. With the growing number of tenants’ employees in the offices, we will constantly monitor the situation and adjust our activities. It is crucial that our tenants can continue their business activities in a safe and comfortable environment - says Maciej Kamiński, Head of Property & Facility Management Globalworth Poland.

Social distancing is a new challenge

The planned intense return to offices is also an opportunity for tenants to adjust the conditions and work mode of their employees in office spaces. The need to maintain appropriate social distance rules in offices means that many companies consider the increase in leased space.

We currently have a lot of discussions with tenants who share their organizational challenges related to “post-COVID” reality with us. Together, we analyze the possibility of a safe and smooth return to office of a larger number of employees, often talking about potential relocations to a more spacious and secure office space. This is understandable, that's why during the still existing COVID-19 threat, our leasing offer is even more tailored to the tenants' current needs to respect the distance inside their spaces. Thus, we notice these days an increase in the demand of space in our buildings - says Karol Klin, Head of Leasing at Globalworth Poland.

Enhanced cleaning procedures

In Globalworth buildings, even before the state of the epidemic was announced in Poland, very stringent procedures for cleaning and disinfecting common areas were implemented. All surfaces with intense traffic such as front desks, staircases, lobbies, elevators, and restrooms are daily disinfected after working hours with a strong special product that destroys viruses while being safe for people. 
These spaces are also cleaned every 4 hours, at most. In addition, in all the lobbies dispensers with alcohol-based disinfectants have been placed along with plex covers or safety tape barriers at reception desks, as well as posters and floor stickers with safe distance rules.