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Globalworth Foundation support Swimathon Bucharest 2020

Bucharest Community Foundation is launching the call for projects for the eighth edition of Swimathon Bucharest. NGOs or initiative groups from Bucharest or Ilfov can register until February 29, 2020 to participate in the event, in the projects section on the platform:

Project selection will be made by a jury which includes:  Georgiana Iliescu, Executive Director of the Globalworth Foundation; Mihaela Perianu, founder of AIMS Human Capital and Board member of Romanian Business Leaders; Alina Pătrăhău, founder of Dăruiește Aripi Association; Oana Brătilă, blogger and entrepreneur; Roxana Marin, Swimathon project manager; Radu Atanasiu, Professor of Critical thinking at Maastricht School of Management and Board member of Bucharest Community Foundation and Lucian Opriș, Associate Director Colliers.

This year’s event will extend over the  weekend of June 27/28 2020 and will be held at Tolea Grinţescu Dinamo swimming pool. The main partner of this edition of Swimathon Bucharest is the Globalworth Foundation. 

Bucharest Community Foundation has been organising Swimathon since 2013 and has raised over 500,000 euros for almost 150 projects over this period.

How Swimathon works

Swimathon Bucharest is an ecosystem of positive change in the community. Built around a swimming event, the community meets, interacts and engages in raising funds for projects in Bucharest and Ilfov that it considers relevant. Registered fundraiser swimmers choose a project they support, go through as many pools within a certain time frame as they can, and gather as many donors as possible.

Swimathon 2019

In 2019, 444 swimmers raised 623,090 lei from 4,062 individual donors and companies, for 24 projects with social impact. 90 teams swam a total of 192 kilometres, encouraged by over 2,000 people in the stands.

Top five organizations which raised money through the teams of swimmers:

  • Dăruiește Aripi Association – 67.727 lei, for the project Treatments at the home of children with cancer;
  • Little People România Association, 67.281 lei, for the project I am not afraid!;
  • MagiCAMP Association – 42.512 lei, for the project MagiCAMP summer camps for children with cancer;
  • “Ana și Copiii” Association – 38.385 lei, for the project Play and education! “Ana și Copiii” New Center;
  • Policy Center for Roma and Minorities Foundation – 35.569 lei, for the project Alternative Education Club.


How is the atmosphere at Swimathon:

About the Bucharest Community Foundation

The Foundation brings donors, NGOs or initiative groups together to develop communities where people can feel at home. It builds donation mechanisms, funding funds or idea incubators for the city. In eight years of activity, we have collected funds from companies and individual donors and financed over 400 projects and scholarships in Bucharest and Ilfov. The amount we have invested together in our city is over 1.5 million euros (7.09 million lei). Through fundraising events such as Swimathon Bucharest, Bucharest Community Foundation offers an attractive and relaxing environment to promote and support initiatives in the cityBucharest Community Foundation is part of a global movement, together with 19 other community foundations in Romania and over 2,000 worldwide. For more details, visit

“In the eight years of the Swimathon Bucharest, I have seen how the community of people who believe in change is shaped around the event. This audience, which is diverse but has a common purpose, is constantly growing and, therefore, this year we have decided to extend the Swimathon Bucharest  to a weekend, with a greater social impact in the community.”, says Alina Kasprovschi, chief executive officer of Bucharest Community Foundation.

About Globalworth Foundation

The Globalworth Foundation was established in 2018 by Globalworth, the market leader for office buildings in Romania and Poland, and is a non-profit entity, being independent of the group’s business activities. The Foundation’s mission is to develop projects on three main pillars: people, places and technology.

Starting from the idea that the future of any society is represented by its younger generations, the foundation focuses on caring for people and supporting them through educational programs and projects that can improve their access to quality medical services, regardless of the social category to which they belong. Equally important are initiatives aimed at building places and developing urban communities where people can meet, interact and find solutions that help those with special needs. In addition to these, the Globalworth Foundation believes in the positive impact of technology-integrated projects, such as incubators for young people, and supports the financing of innovations that, among other things, can bring people together.