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COVID - 19 a Globalworth overview so far

As global concern over Coronavirus increases, Globalworth is actively working on how to mitigate the potential health and business impacts. As real estate professionals, we navigate this public health concern by establishing a clear, yet flexible plan and suitable strategies along the way.

Globalworth will continue to monitor this complex issue as it develops and will constantly adapt its actions and measures accordingly. 

Real Estate Operations Considerations and Resiliency Resources

Our crisis management professionals are working these days at full-service, planning and implementing all needed strategies to confront the effects of Coronavirus outbreak. For the continuity of our business and because we need to be a constant support for our tenants, we are also focused on this turbulent time on liability management and risk assessment. Globalworth is reassuring its shareholders of taking all the proper measures to safeguard its people and its assets in the current global health and business context. We also stay committed to helping our tenants in Romania and Poland to keep their operations running as much as possible, in order to keep adding value to the economies in both countries.

Unfortunately, it will be one of the most challenging period we have all faced in our lifetime, without visibility on how long this will last. As concerns regarding the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on businesses continue to grow, we have gathered our resources to navigate these unprecedented challenges by developing and implementing business continuity strategies.  

Measures for employee’s safety and wellbeing

For help preventing workplace exposure, evaluating risk and preparing for the possibility of a building community outbreak, Globalworth is constantly updating employees and tenants with health and safety information, along with all cleaning and disinfecting actions suggested by specialists.

Among other measures, we provide now all the necessary infrastructure and guidance for remote work for the company`s more vulnerable employees.

These days hygiene and employee health are already top-of-mind for Globalworth professionals, but it’s also very important to consider the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our people. Coping with the stress of a global health crisis can be overwhelming for most of us, but maintaining as much as possible a healthy lifestyle, communicating to friends and family and relying on credible information sources are the strategies we encourage our employees to use in order to handle the times we live in today.

We firmly believe that Globalworth has a general duty of care and a duty to safeguard its tenants and occupants. Therefore we stay committed to the best practices we established, including thorough cleaning and disinfecting of places, disclosing any potential positive tests and working with tenants and occupants to follow both the internal procedures and the measures imposed by Government and Military officials for addressing the virus threat.