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Around 8,000 square meters of premium fit-out projects delivered in the first half of 2020

While many industry sectors in Romania ground to a halt at the start of the pandemic in March, the Globalworth’s fit-out team has been busy throughout this period, dealing with ongoing projects and a shift in how they operate. In the first part of 2020, we delivered around 8,000 square meters of premium office space, specially designed for tenants, and, currently, we are implementing fit-out projects on an area of ​​approx. 10,000 square meters. 

Although the construction sector has seen some construction sites and investments put on hold amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Globalworth continued the fitting out of its projects for tenants in its portfolio while also implementing strict health and safety measures.
Both newly constructed and inaugurated buildings, as well as existing buildings have been fitted out. This year’s projects are highly important for our partners and they concern both new and current tenants. Given the social distancing rules, some areas rented in our office buildings had to be extended to comply with these measures.

Therefore, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have had multiple major fit-out projects being developed at the same time. However, they have all been completed successfully and the tenants have been fully satisfied with the delivered spaces. In July we completed two office spaces: one in the Globalworth Campus building C and the other one in the BOC building. The fit-out projects were designed by architects with whom we collaborate in terms of functionality, operation, alignment to the requirements and specifications of the tenants, and in terms of aesthetics and interior design, all under the coordination of our fit-out team.

The spaces we deliver are in line with the latest technological trends in office real estate. The quality and comfort of the workspaces are constantly being improved and the functional parameters (such as lighting, temperature, fresh air) are being monitored and controlled through intelligent systems. Together with our key partners, we develop and implement smart projects, focusing on energy-efficient solutions in all our spaces.

Measures implemented in the construction sites during the pandemic:

  • Staging the execution of works and ensuring an appropriate number of workers & respecting the social distance;
  • Permanent monitoring of people’s health when entering construction sites;
  • Controlled access into the site to avoid the overcrowding of workers on site;
  • Respecting an optimal distance of at least 2.0m between workers;
  • Displaying hygiene instructions and prevention rules in multiple visible areas;
  • Installation of hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance of the site, as well as in various places within the site;
  • Providing disinfectants, liquid soap and paper towels to all staff;
  • Wearing protective equipment - mask and gloves;
  • Frequent cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of common areas, containers with offices, toilets, meeting spaces and lunch areas;
  • Avoiding overcrowding during the lunch break and not only;
  • Limiting the number of visitors  on-site;
  • Communicating the information regarding safety and COVID-19 mainly by phone or online;
  • Ensuring all the necessary measures in order to comply with the Military Ordinances;
  • Sanitizing all tools, machinery and equipment after use and constant coordination with the administration of the buildings.