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A new way of eco transportation for the Globalworth community – the electric scooters

Developing a green portfolio is one of our main values and we are taking a step forward in our mission to support environmentally-friendly projects. Therefore, we have signed a partnership with FLOW, a Romanian ridesharing company, to give the employees working in the Globalworth buildings in Bucharest easy access to a new way of eco transportation – the electric scooters. Each building will have docking stations and we`ve already begun to install the first two at Globalworth Tower, the Barbu Văcărescu and Calea Floreasca entrances. The next Globalworth building where we are going to install docking stations for scooters is Bucharest Tower Center in Victoriei Square. 

“Starting from the design stage to the facilities we choose for our buildings, one of our main focuses is the eco-friendly element. Making the world and the environment better places to live in have always been at the core of our business and we continue to do so both within the way we choose to develop our buildings and the partnerships we select. Alongside FLOW, we are glad to give to the Globalworth community easy access to this new and popular way of eco transportation – the electric scooters. Through this partnership we will install docking stations in each building, while our friends from FLOW will ensure non-stop availability for scooters”, said Georgiana Oltenescu, our Head of Marketing and Communication.  

“During the days with regular traffic, if you`re lucky, you can drive the distance from point x to point y in z minutes. Thus, we have connected the routes and have installed FLOW docking stations where people can rent electric scooters. The distance between one point and another is covered in less than x minutes, and due to this we save a lot of time. If it`s not raining, this is a relaxing urban walk. Also, at the destination, the scooter is parked at the dock and then is automatically recorded in the application, so the entire process is a simple one. We reckon the more people will have pleasing experiences with FLOW scooters, the sooner they will be willing to replace their personal car with alternative ways of riding”, added Bogdan Enoiu, FLOW Father. 

The scooters are rented and unlocked by using the FLOW app available both in the App Store and Google Play. Every employee has free access to create an user connected with a bank account and a mobile number. The app gives the rider the possibility to unblock the scooter, to start and finish the ride. Moreover, it indicates the nearest docking station and the recommended route to destination. At the end of the ride, the scooter can be left anywhere, but if it`s parked back at the docking station, the user receives a bonus. 

All the properties in our portfolio have “green” certification and most of them are under BREEAM Excellent/LEED Gold certification. Moreover, Globalworth Tower is the first project from Romania and Eastern Europe which has the most valuable “green” certification – the LEED Platinum.