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Starbucks opens a coffee shop in Globalworth Campus

A new Starbucks coffee shop will soon open its doors in one of our buildings. With over 25,000 cafes worldwide, of which 40 in Romania, Starbucks is expanding again, this time in our Tower 1 building in Globalworth Campus. 

“When we develop a new project we also think of offering a range of facilities in the immediate vicinity of the office, in order to increase the comfort of our partners working there”, stated Ema Iftimie, Head of Leasing at Globalworth, regarding the newly signed lease with Starbucks. 

Karol Zuradzki, Regional Director of Starbucks Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, announced that this coffee shop will be “a new and unique space, boasting a ‘natural’ design, Arabic coffee of the best quality, prepared by experienced, passionate baristas”. He also mentioned that the goal of this new spot is to become a meeting place for business partners and entrepreneurs alike and to offer a space for people to relax after a hard day at work. 

With unambiguous commitment to excellence and the guiding principles behind it, Starbucks brings a unique experience to life, through every cup of coffee that the barista serves for each customer. The new Starbucks coffee shop in Tower 1 will have 200 square meters and its opening is scheduled for the last trimester of this year. The Tower 1 building, situated on Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard, was finalized in July of 2017 and has a surface of 29,000 sqm, which is leased to Amazon, Mindspace and Honeywell.