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Our team internalises the property management of four properties in Poland

Our aim is to offer the partners in our buildings the best-integrated services. Therefore, at only about one year since we entered the Polish market, we have taken further steps to manage our real estate portfolio in the country in-house. Between December and January, we took on the property management of Lumen and Skylight in Warsaw, West Gate in Wrocław, the A4 Business Park in Katowice and Tryton Business House in Gdańsk. We have now internalized gradually the property management of 250,000 sqm.

"The end of last year was very intense for us. In December we took over the property management of 72,000 sqm in three regional markets, namely Gdańsk, Katowice and Wrocław. We also set up in-house property management in the Warsaw Lumen and Skylight office buildings, purchased in the second half of December with a total area of 45,000 sqm, representing Globalworth’s largest single acquisition in Poland to-date. Both buildings are among the most prestigious properties in the Warsaw office market. As is the case with Złote Tarasy, they are an example of combined office, shopping and entertainment facilities. This is why establishing in-house property management for Skylight and Lumen, so soon after their purchase, has been a great success", comments Remigiusz Królikowski, Head of Property & Asset Management, Globalworth Poland.

Within a year, the size of the asset & property management team has increased noticeably and now comprises 33 specialists, responsible for all real estate management operations.

"Internalised property management of our portfolio is one of our strategic business goals, allowing us to build even stronger relationships with the partners in our properties. Through the measures we have introduced we have become closer to the companies that operate in our buildings, enabling us to understand better and respond faster to their needs. In the coming months, we will, therefore, focus on introducing in-house property management elsewhere. We estimate that by the middle of this year, our internal property management team will manage over 80% of our portfolio in Poland. In addition, we are finalising the implementation of a tailor-made SAP Business One system, an advanced management and reporting tool", adds Artur Apostoł, Chief Operational Officer, Globalworth Poland.

Besides the office buildings added between December and January, we currently also manage in-house Hala Koszyki and Spektrum Tower in Warsaw, Wrocław’s Renoma and West Link office building, and Supersam in Katowice.