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Globalworth Foundation donates EUR20,000 for the construction of Grivita 53 theatre

Creating places in which people can grow, interact and share ideas represents the future of the real estate market and a priority for us as the leading company in the office market. Such a project is Grivita 53, the first independent theatre built in Romania after more than 70 years. 

Through our Globalworth Foundation, we’ve joined the Calea Griviţei association’s fundraising campaign by purchasing 4 artworks worth EUR20,000 from the “Grivita 53 Eggs” collection. The works acquired by us are signed by Dan Perjovschi & Band of Illustrators, Iuliana Vilsan, Mirela Traistaru and Mihai Popescu.

“People and places are two of the core pillars of the Globalworth Foundation, and Grivita 53 is exactly the project that perfectly combines these components. By building this theatre they will create a new cultural space in Bucharest, and we are always committed to supporting projects that help the development of the city, to which we also directly contribute as the leader of the Romanian offices market. It is important to give Bucharest spaces to enhance its transformation and keep up the pace with the evolution and needs of its inhabitants”, said Georgiana Iliescu, Executive Director of the Globalworth Foundation.

The first edition of the Easter Eggs Festival organized by Calea Grivitei Foundation took place in April, when nearly 20 major personalities from many fields, such as art, sports, music, theatre, or the creative industries, joined the cause and accepted the challenge of turning a 2-meter-high egg into a work of art. The event was followed by a series of other events with the aim of selling the artworks and raising money for the new theatre. Until now, the total amount raised during the entire campaign is nearly EUR100,000.

Besides the acquisition of the 4 eggs, we also hosted an exhibition included the 19 artworks in Globalworth Tower office building, where they were admired by thousands of people. 

We firmly believe that addressing social needs as education, health, palliative care and the environment makes a real contribution to the welfare of society and shapes better conditions for future generations. And we work with a principle: to leave this world a little better than we found it. Therefore, we will continuously work to develop and support long-term initiatives on three main pillars: People, Places and Technology.