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Globalworth Foundation, our promise for a better world

We firmly believe that addressing social needs like education, health, palliative care and the environment make a real contribution to the welfare of society and shape better conditions for future generations. And we work with a principle: to leave this world a little better than we found it. Therefore, we are happy to announce the launch of the Globalworth Foundation, a non-governmental organization aiming to develop and support long-term initiatives on three main pillars: People, Places and Technology.

For the last 15 years, at the initiative and support of Ioannis Papalekas, our Founder and CEO, we all have supported various charitable organizations making a difference to the communities we all live and operate in. Among the projects, we have invested in are the ones developed by United Way Romania, Hospice Casa Sperantei, Save the Children, Renasterea Foundation, Make a Wish, Regina Maria Foundation, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Ioanid School, as well as individual schools and scholarships, sports events and individual athletes.

One of the main areas we will invest in is education. The foundation of every society is the education of its youth, and education is the foundation upon which we build our future. Another is around health and access to health services and hospitals. Another is building places where people can meet and be educated, provide pro bono work, entertain youngsters and kids and promote athletics and well-being. We will also invest in technology and we are taking various initiatives from incubators for youngsters with innovative ideas to funding technology when such will bring people together.

‘’I first landed to Romania in the summer of 2000. Many years have gone by and looking back it has been quite a ride. Risks, roads, challenges, permits, buildings and philanthropy. I had my share, and it is the amalgam of all these that made the ride worthwhile. During this ride, I found out that none has become poor by giving for it is in giving that we continue to receive and we inspire others to give more. My giving story started with my parents and my late grandfather, who dedicated his life to philanthropy and community service to a small town in Greece. Globalworth and Romania is home to me. I hope that my journey will best be measured by friends and people we cared for rather than miles and milestones. Today we launch Globalworth Foundation. We have been always committed to invest and develop in the country by creating work environments where people feel home and as part of a community, Globalworth community. Along with that, we have also invested in initiatives and projects supporting people, because we strongly believe that we are all responsible for the development of the communities we are active in. And the launch of our own foundation is an additional step in our determination to create a change and further extend our social responsibility to two additional pillars – Places and Technology. Globalworth Foundation’s goal is to act in such a way that after years go by, the people who met us, can say, they really cared!’’, stated Ioannis Papalekas, CEO and Founder at Globalworth.